MUST HAVE Handbag for 2006?!

  1. Any suggestion ladies??

    I would say..
    MJ Stam?
    Chloe Edith?

  2. Possibly the Fendi B. Bag.
  3. So far, I don't care for any of the "it" bags they're offering right now. If I had to pick one....maybe the MJacobs Stam?
  4. i think the stam is too wintery looking...MY must have bag is the fendi spy hobo in white, i don't care what anyone else wants, lol.
  5. I don't care too much for the Spy or Fendi B. bag, or actually even the Stam. I think the Stam is pretty . . . just isn't my style.
    I LOVE the Gaucho and some other lower costing bags like a few Koobas and IFs.
  6. My list is long and growing!!!!
    but I would love to be the owner of the Dior Gaucho!!!!
  7. I just found myslef drooling over the Gaucho on elux . . .
    Geyod I want a Medium in RED!!!
  8. I still don't think we've seen it yet!
  9. Usually I don't like Dior handbags but I'm in love with the Gaucho!!:love:
  10. I agree. . . maybe! LOL!
    I think the "It" bag changes so frequently that by the end of the year we'll maybe remember some, but the latest one will seem to be the "It" bag for the year. KWIM?
  11. Dio Gaucho
    BV Ball bag
    MJ Stam
    Botkier anything
    a white bag
  12. i saw that ugly fendi bag with the big buckles in glamour mag last night ... under it they said new it bag i believe... i dont get that one.
  13. I'm slightly put off after reading the b-bag post on Bag Snob. I didn't know I was so impressionable. x_x
  14. definitely the chloe edith.
  15. LV pink denim speedy