MUST HAVE...but can't find...

  1. Hey everyone,

    I've been searching for the rebecca minkoff morning after bag in the black with basketweave everywhere online and no luck so far...does anybody know anywhere that sells this bag. any help would be great as i am OBSESSED with this bag.

    thanks everyone :smile:
  2. I know one just sold on eBay...there may be another one on there but I think it was used...havent seen it in any online stores
  3. Funkylala did have it, but it appears they've sold out. I'll keep my eye out, though.
  4. This is a VERY hard bag to find......SOLD OUT.

    The ones on eBay recently were the MAM's.
  5. I went to a store in Owings Mills, MD called Treasure House Accessories (google for the website). They had several bags in stock as of Saturday, including a black mini with the basketweave. I think it was marked down to $505. It is a little boutique, so I'm sure you could call them and buy it over the phone. I don't think RM is as popular around here, so people aren't buying every last bag from the stores. Good luck!
  6. FYI...their website doesn't provide much information (and I don't even think it lists RM), but they definitely had quite a few bags. In addition to the black MAM w/basketweave, they had the dark grey mini, the elephant mini, a shiny brown one in the regular size, and a couple of matinees ( i don't remember the colors). That's all I remember off the top of my head!
  7. i got my black morning after bag w/ basketweave recently from Label 360.They had just 1 left and i snatched it up cause i fell in love with it at a store near my house, who said they can possibly order it for me, but they never called me back so i continued the hunt and finally came across one. they will def pop up again. i would keep my eyes open... check eBay too cause i see it always popping up on there. and also call and see if anyone can special order it for you..
  8. The RM MAB/MAM with black basketweave is definitely a bag of the past.

    I've checked several sources who told me this can no longer be special ordered.

    Grab 'em if you see 'em!
  9. The Treehouse also has a wine MA (not mini though) :smile:....just called them lol
  10. ^ I just called them too! :p
  11. they are probably wondering what the heck is going on lol
  12. ^ Oh yeah, the SA was saying funny you're the second person calling to ask about RM bags. So I told her that a lady posted in the forum so now everyone will be calling. :p Gave the SA a heads up on that. They definitely have a few of the older bags but they're all full price. They have the MA in Wine, Taupe and a gray with bluish tones. A couple of matinees which include the Wine and another bag which I have no clue what she was talking about and she doesn't know the name of the style either. :p
  13. They have a wine matinee?! I know some people on here will be excited to hear that!
  14. Not for $665 they won't. Unless you really, REALLY want it.