Must have black Chanel Small Ultimate Soft bag!!!

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  1. Does anyone know if I can still get this bag? The NM closest to me says no way on the black one (they have a beige one though). Can anyone tell me if this bag wears out quickly due to the softness of the lambskin?
    Thanks all!
  2. I am quite certain that the ultimate soft will be back this fall. Saks purchased it in black and beige (as seen in Saks BH's waitlist book) :yes:
  3. I think they have it at Saks NY. You should call and ask for Joseph. Good luck...
  4. not to sure... but good luck
  5. The Ultimate Soft will be in Chanel Boutiques in June...I'm getting the largest size in black.
  6. Pictures?
  7. I think Rachel bilson carries one in the tote style. ITs a puffy looking thing. Here it is.

  8. I love my Ultimate Soft bag - its really soft and delicate. I'm really careful with this bag when I use it.
  9. The Ultimate Soft was my first love, however I have yet to purchase it ... LOL
  10. sorry i think this is the cloudy bundle