Must Have Bags for 2016?

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  1. My favorite Picks are;
    Chanel Chevron Boy
    Mansur Gavriel Bucket
    Chanel Classic Crossbody
    Louis Vuitton Favorite Pm in Damier Ebene Canvas
    What is yours?
  2. HAD to get suede bag.
    Insane siren song blistered my brain, until done.

    Now squash-a-cuddle.
  3. My must have was the London Le Pliage from Longchamp. Now that I have it I'm so happy.

    Everything else is just cherries on top.
  4. I don't really see any must have bags this year.

    I actually just bought a '15 bag in the sale that I missed out on and feel quite happy I bought it and content there's nothing out there right now making me bag hungry
  5. +1 I've been underwhelmed by the designs this year. Everything I've purchased (and been hunting) has been from a prior season.
  6. Cool thread
    My must have bags for 2016 are

    Gucci's Dionysus
    Marc Jacobs' Gotham
    Chanel Chevron
    Louis Vuitton Palm Spring Backpack
  7. :ghi5:
  8. My must have is a Vintage Kelly from my birth year (tall order but I stalk every trusted re-seller I know). I am also looking at a Chanel Reissue 228 and adding more color to my handbag collection.
  9. Wish I could say the same...Coach really drew my attention this year! So challenging for self-control...
  10. I don't actually have a must buy bag style or brand for this year. However I have most recently bought a Louis Vuitton St Germain BB so I believe the must have bags will continue to embody the elements of mini and small-ish though not micro.
  11. Ditto. Nothing really exciting out there.
  12. Thanks♡
    I pat it obsessively. And play with the button.
    Tragic. :smile:
  13. 16.png
    This will be my first option.