Must have bag of 07....

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  1. I have been hearing, well reading some great storie and I am curious as to what is the must have bag of fall 2007. I have heard grape and jaune. But if u could only chose one bag with ________ hardware..what would it be:confused1:
  2. moving this to the main forum :tup:

    My Must-Have bag for the year was Magenta ;)
  3. I would say the clous or lune - within the motorcycle line, though, a vert gazon or ocean would be a dream come true. I liked just about everything this year, it's all very bold and colourful.
  4. Must have for me was Vert Gazon city with RH.
  5. Vert Gazon, Violet or Anthracite. With Regular hardware, please!
  6. Violet Part Time...I was thinking RH, but I'm really liking the way violet looks with GH.
  7. I'd like something small in the French Blue.
  8. If you don't have eggplant, then violet. If you do, then Jaune. Who knows how long before they will do another yellow or purple.
  9. I'd say the must have for the season for me was/is violet with GSH.
  10. I have 2.5 Eggplants already, but I still have to say Violet and Jaune:heart:

    Dying for something in Jaune at the moment....
  11. I hope I still feel this way after I see it in person, but I think it's either Violet or Magenta and I'm really digging the Giant Silver Hardware on the rich purple colors.
  12. I think Jaune is gorgeous! :smile:
  13. Magenta and Vert Gazon. I have the Vert Gazon and waiting on the Magenta. With RH, of course.
  14. Vert Gazon giant day (thanks corey!!) and my upcoming Magenta city.. AMAZING!
  15. Violet work with SGH!