Must-have bag list

  1. What are must-have bag styles? I need a list. Here's my starting list:

    - a nice crossbody for shopping
    - a somber classic bag for funerals
    - a larger top-loading crossbody for airplane travel (easy to access under the seat in front of me on the plane!)
    - a vibrant, festive (red?) bag for December (Christmas)

    What else? What else is a must-have style for a certain function?
  2. 1) satchel for work
    2) hobo for work/fun
    3) summer bag with no zip top for weekend shopping
    4) church
    5) large tote for meetings/work
  3. Girl, what the ...
  4. Unless you work at a funeral home I don't think it's necessary to buy a designated bag for funerals...

    My list would be:
    1) everyday bag, seasonless, polished enough for work but cute enough for weekend
    2) smaller crossbody or wristlet for just running around, doubling as a going-out bag

    And then a laptop bag if the laptop doesn't fit in the first bag, a gym bag that doubles as an overnight/weekend bag, a slightly larger duffel for longer trips. An evening bag/clutch if you get really dressed up a lot.
  5. Your top activities are shopping, funerals, flying and Christmas? Wow. 3 out of 4 of those are rare occasions for me. How often do you need to go to a funeral? Yikes!

    How about work, going out socially, quick errands, shopping: grocery vs mall, zoo/picnic/other semi-outdoor activity?
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    A funeral bag? Eek! Hope things are all right...

    I honestly think a lot of it depends on what your lifestyle is. For me - a young professional, no kids/pets, live in a city and almost never drive - I would say that I wouldn't pare down much more than this:

    1. A nice, leather, relatively classic/conservative tote that fits papers/small laptop for work. In a dark color - black, mahogany, charcoal, etc.
    2. A waterproof version of #1 for rainy days
    3. A light colored version of #1 for spring/summer days when the rest of your outfit is light colored
    4. A medium sized satchel or cross body for weekend use that can fit a few larger items like a water bottle without getting too heavy, in a dark color
    5. A light colored or metallic version of #4
    6. A small, sleek bag or clutch for going out, in a dark color. Can also work for nicer events like dates, weddings, work dinners, etc.
    7. A light colored or metallic version of #6
    8. A cloth tote for gym/farmers market/quick grocery store run

    But this is just for me - others with different lifestyles may need a different set of "basics... E.g. I imagine that new SAHMs may be more interested in diaper bags than laptop bags?
  7. A somber bag for funerals is not ridiculous. What looks ridiculous is someone in somber clothes carrying a bright Fossil, Coach or Vera that is ratty and not clean from trips to the zoo, park, etc. I also have bags for funerals, wedding, baptisms, graduations, etc that match the outfit and don't cost a fortune.
  8. I agree.
    I think some of the comments directed toward OP are a little uncalled for. :sad:
  9. My bags are categorized based on the events/places i go mostly to:
    1) work - large totes
    2) shopping - clutch/sling bags
    3) party - mini shoulder bags
    4) social outings during the day - mini slings
    5) social events during the night - clutch
    6) swimming and other sports - waist bags/backpack
  10. I find that I buy most of my bags with the intent to use them as everyday purses (I am currently a SAHM), but if an event comes up where I need a size/style/color that I don't have I just go out and buy it. Here's what I'd call my list of must haves-

    1. Everday bag that goes with me shopping or other errands and day/night activities
    2. Crossbody purse (small or medium) for travel and outside events
    3. Tote which can sometimes be my daily purse if I need to carry more than usual
    4. Wristlet(s) for date night, travel, one quick errand, etc.
    5. Clutch for dressy occasions (wedding, holiday party, etc.)
  11. I think we all need a classic bag that can go to a funeral without looking ridiculous.
    Funerals happen.
  12. More often than we would like :sad:
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    I dont really think there's a need to imply that anyone who is surprised by the idea of having a dedicated funeral bag is "ridiculous" and doesn't have sufficient appreciation for the somber, conservative nature of an event like that...

    I agree that it would be inappropriate to carry a bright/loud/fun/dirty bag to a somber occasion (funeral or other). What surprised me about the OP's post was not the idea of taking a tasteful and appropriate bag to a funeral, but the idea of expecting to attend so many funerals that you would consider a bag that is used primarily for these purposes as part of your "basic bag" wardrobe. If OP had said something more general like "one plain black clutch for formal/serious events," I wouldn't have thought anything of it!
  14. I can appreciate that. I think it depends on your job/and or lifestyle how many funerals you attend.
    Someone with a large extended family, a political job, or who sings in a church choir would attend more funerals than the rest of us.
    Funny story about funerals when I finish dinner.
  15. Well said xoespresso, and I agree.

    I also come to this discussion as a minimalist (I own 3 handbags) and someone whose mother only ever had, and has, one handbag at a time. She'd buy a black bag that would carry everything she needed to carry, and when it wore out she'd buy another black bag. That is the bag she carries to work, to church, shopping, and yes, to funerals. I think a must-have bag list is actually really short and that was reflected in my comment. Now if your only handbag is a sequined neon pink messenger then I guess if you had to go to a funeral you probably would have to purchase a bag or borrow one from a friend.