MUST HAVE bag for FALL?!

  1. What do you all think is the must have bag for fall? Any suggestions? :yes:
  2. monogram bequia shoulder bag or monogram bequia porte-document bag. They're hot!
  3. mirage speedy in either noir or bordeaux
  4. Trevi??
  5. Anything in Damier for poor-weather days. :yes:
  6. If it was winter here .. I would go for the motard pochette -- I love this bag:love:
  7. trevi!!!!!
  8. Trevi!
  9. Mirage Speedy of Trevi
  10. I would say either the trevi, mirage speedy or black caddy.
  11. Mirage Speedy in Noir! Just got it and I will be using the crap out of it. But I also have my eye on the trevi!
  12. Mirage speedy.
  13. Damier or the Mirage/ also agree with the bequia suggestion xx
  14. anything damier! :tup:
  15. The trevi is perfect for fall!