Must get Steel - but which style?!


What Style for Steel/Plomb

  1. Steel City - RH

  2. Steel City - SH

  3. Steel Work - RH

  4. Steel Work - SH

  5. Steel Weekender - SH

  6. RH Steel City AND SH Steel Weekender

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  1. So Ive wanted a true dark grey bag for ages. The older greys are too light for my taste and Anthra was a huge dissapointment for me as it wasnt what I pictured.

    That being said, it seems my prayers are being answered with Steel/Plomb but now I cant figure out what style/hardware!

    I know it will look awesome with silver GH but I plan on getting a white work with silver gh and dont want to stray too much from the classics. Would it be silly to get 2 styles, one with reg hardware and one with silver?

    Let me know what you guys think. Im going to start up my waitlist tomorrow.
  2. i'm getting the steel in the work with RH (i can't stand the GH or the GSH!!)

    i can't wait, i've been lusting after a true grey bag for a long time :yahoo:
  3. I chose City in RH because that is what is on your wishlist so I assume you probably want it the most. ;) ok, so I cheated. ;) Also, if you are still planning on getting the black day w/silver GH then I think it's probably wise to hold back on getting anything else w/silver GH.
  4. what color is steel exactly? i know its grey.. but is it dark dark grey (almost black) or just dark grey?
  5. I think the Work with RH is the way to go....classic. That's what I'm getting. :yes:
  6. I voted for the Steel Work with RH even though I think it will look good with SGH! I am not a GH lover but I think I might like it with SGH...but I will only get 1 bag if that because I like the regular hardware way too much.
  7. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of the classic hardware for steel. Since I have a black work (waiting at UPS for the last 2 weeks :cursing:) I'm leaning towards a steel city.

    To satisfy my Silver GH fix I think a Giant Traveller in steel (with SH) would be stunning!

    Look at that. I just need to talk it out and I come what I think is a pretty good choice! :yes:
  8. I would love to see a big pic of this color. It is a 'maybe' for me. I would choose a city w/ rh. I'm a classic girl.
  9. Not to burst your bubble...but Bal NY is not getting the Traveler in steel (but hopefully NM or Barneys will buy it)
  10. Ok then, just when I think I have a good idea, along comes incoral and...:lecture:
  11. Hey, better you find out now than get your hopes up waiting and waiting and waiting.

    After seeing their lists for the accessories I had to cross off 3 items on my list!!
  12. Steel work is the NUMBER 1 at my list.
    I have a black first, too small for me. I don't want to buy black, but I always NEED a black big bag. So buying steel, which is hopefully a nice deep grey - almost black bag would be perfect for me.

    I still feel like I should buy a city or a work in black... ugh, this is SO confusing.

    Why was anthra a disapointment for so many? What did you guys previously expect from it?
  13. Can on of you photshop girls edit the swatch and post it in a big size? No pressure. TIA
  14. My choice is in RH but work style....i love it in this size......:smile:
  15. i tihnk the dark grey will loko better with SH as it creates more of a harmony...itsl ike pairing silver with gold sometimes not a great look...!

    city is great but i love big bags so i voted for work :biggrin: