Must Get My Chanel Loving Hands On A Diamond Stitch Tote!!-any Ideas??

  1. Hello All--this Is My First Entry Into The Chanel Forum.... Is It Possible To Order A Bag Like This Or Nearly Impossible Once It Has Hit The Stores...i Think It Was Prefall 06' And Would Die For A Black Or Brown Large Size Ds Tote..
    i Think Someone Just Posted A Black One They Bought And A White One........ Currently I Am The Proud Owner Of A Black Medallion Caviar Tote With Gold And A Black Lambskin Classic Flap With Gold... Would Love To Add A Little Silver Into My Collection...any Details, Size, Durability ,opinions I Would Love To Hear!! Thank You A Ton!!!

    there's no buying or selling here.
  2. Give the Chanel 800 number a call and they will do a store search for you. If that fails try Bloomies/NM/Saks/BG. They all have excellent Chanel departments and sometimes do hang on to stock a bit longer. Best of luck, and welcome to tPF:heart:
  3. welcome and good luck on your search
    i have the medallion tote in cavier pink with silver hardware
    i want the black...
  4. Thank You Rose.....i Called The 1-800 And They Are Working On It For Me!! Yea!!!!! I Will Keep Everyone Posted...

    Oohhhh..cute..a Pink With Silver Medallion..shouts Out Spring!!
  5. Great! Keep us posted and do call NM/Saks/Bloomies/BG (no tax if you live outside NY!!;) ) as well.
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