1. I'm in LOVE.. LOVE people, LOVE! :love: I saw the Trapeze today in the mini mono print, and I love everything about it. I want...wait, NEED it! Immediately! However, it has come to my attention that this bag is SOLD OUT, rare, hard to find, etc.

    Do you ladies know where I can find this bag? What colors does it come in? What is the true size difference between PM/GM? I can't find it anywhere...please help! :shocked:
  2. Thanks!

    Anyone out there that is a trapeze owner and has pix of themselves carrying it?? It would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi, I just returned mine. I My DH bought a rose GM for me. But here are the reasons I returned it:

    1. When I wear this bag over shoulder, my arm is kind of hurt because of the hard bottom, that kind of annoys me.
    2. The top is top flap with snap closure, but that's it,,it is so hard to get in and out to fetch stuff cuz the opening is too narrow.
    3.The mini mono print part is cotton(not even canvas like cabas shopping tote in cruise collection), and I saw one or two threads are coming out.

    But the ivory leather trim is very nice and hard, no need to worry patina. The lining is in light beige color which I am afraid to get it dirty very soon.

    It is a cute bag, but not a pratical bag. I exchanged it for Epi Lussac and I can't be more happy with it and it is cheaper than Trapeze GM.:flowers:
  4. I've seen the PM IRL and it was very small. It's a pretty bag but it looks like it can easily catch dirt. Goodluck w/ your search!
  5. i want one too!
  6. I saw the GM in store two weeks ago here and it is very nice BUT looks like it would become so dirtya after a while .. I prefer white suhali:heart:
  7. I have a Trapeze GM is the light grey and love it. The bag is big enough to fit a lot of things in it and to me is quite practical. The ivory leather is really cool because it doesn't seem to get dirty, but you'll have to be careful with the mono part. But the interior is TDF because it's super smooth. The PM size one is really small and to me is not practical because I carry around a lot of stuff. The Trapezes came in 3 colors: rose, grey, and brown. The Trapeze and the Suhali collection items are two different concepts. I have a Suhali Le Fabuleux and it's a more extravagent bag, but the Trapeze is a very romantic one. But you can't go wrong with getting a Trapeze. :yes:
  8. i have the trapeze GM in rose and i love it!! but the lining easily gets dirty.... check my bag collection if you have time.. it's in one of the pics i posted. :smile: