1. I'm going to a mid March wedding next month....and I am clueless as what to wear!~

    All I know is I need a dress....and it's an evening i'll need some kind of shawl or overthrow or something to cover my fat arms...hehehe most of you read on the Beauty post about my freak perm disaster.. my hair will be all a nice pretty dress that'll match an updo hair style..

    price range....hmm below 300

    If anyone of you come across any pretty dresses while internet shopping or what not...please post the pics...I'd love your I TRUST all of your styles!~

  2. 4 an evening wedding, a summery dress that ends below the knee shld be fine. pls don't cover your arms with a shawl. i find the look tacky. Jennifer Hudson today look stunning. Queen Latifah too. They both don't cover their arms with a shawl except that on the red carpet, Jennifer Hudson put on a bolero metallic jacket to contrast her otherwise 'dull' brown dress.

    a structured cream plain jacket with a cream plain dress that ends below the knee + silver bejewelled heels + a crystal studded clutch + emerald/ green crystal earrings 4 a dash of color. girl, u will look stunning. look at chanel spring 07' runway 4 inspiration.

    White Is The New Black.
  3. I found these dresses at
    It's by Day Birger & Mikkelsen and costs only 175€

    dress by Cynthia Vincent 244€

    MCQ 225€

    I hope you'll find a nice dress :smile:!
  4. ^^The black dress TDF! firstly, off-shoulders look is great if u don't want to show your shoulders but still want 2 show lil' bit of skin. snosno, u can pair the dress with gold earrings. black with gold is a stunning combo. if you don't want to put on earrings, u can put on a gold 'long' necklace with a pendant. don't wear both earrings & necklace.
  5. Check out the J Crew wedding collection...great dresses meant for bridemaids but simple enough to wear as a guest..very tasteful and not very expensive.
  6. THANKS ladies!

    that black dress is HOT!...and yes....the other ideas with jewelry accents.. also very good input..i jotted them all down..n gona hit the mall! hahaha

    I also have a black silk bubble tube bubble dress...that i haven't worn yet... but its kinda short in it too tacky to wear leggings/tites with them?...i think it makes it too casual then.... aghhh..n i need some hot shoes too!!! hahaha

    My wallet is going to hurt so bad~

    THANKS!!! again~
  7. imo, forgo the leggings 4 an evening wedding.