Must decide: navy patent jumbo flap or hold out for a brown bag??

  1. I have a navy on hold until Friday, but I don't have a brown Chanel. I am only buying one more bag for at least a year, so which would be the better buy? Serious dilemma :yes: BTW--I currently have a black coco cabas and a red diamond shine flap.
  2. I personally would really like a navy flap, cause it seem like vibrant colours are harder to come by, and would really have to wait season by season. And brown are always available. So I'd go for the navy! :smile:
  3. NAVY for sure!
  4. i'd like Navy better, coz it pretty much goes with everything!
  5. Go for the navy flap.....Chanel always makes something in brown!!!! You can get brown later :yes:
  6. is it the navy reissue :love: ?

    That bag is awesome!!
  7. Not the reissue, just the regular jumbo patent flap.
  8. I have the black Patent and I love it, so I vote for the navy Patent Flap.
  9. I think that Navy Patent is TDF!
  10. I personally would get the Navy one. Such a beautiful bag.
  11. Navy for sure. Its gorgeous !
  12. I'm for the navy.. is it patent?
  13. Navy too its hard to come by! :smile: good luck
  14. The navy is so pretty.
  15. navy is hot, but personally, i wear A LOT of brown. and i LOVE BROWN. oh gosh, i'm no help at all. GET BOTH! :graucho: