Must Be in a Mood!

  1. I am so sick of sellers on ebay! I was looking through the Balenciaga bags for sale, and I noticed on for a buy it now price of $999.00 that is a complete fake. Unbelievable! I started emailing all of those sellers who are ripping people off telling them they should be ashamed of themselves. I know I probably cannot make a difference, but I cannot believe the audacity of some people. Have you seen the apple colored "Balenciaga" that the seller states as authentic. It is so gross!!! I really feel bad for any designer that gets ripped-off so badly all of the time. The fakes are so good that I can barely tell a real Louis Vuitton from a fake! The leather quality of the Balenciaga bags is what has saved their back sides. I hope that the powers that be realize that and never compromise that amazing quality we all know and love.
  2. eBay has really gone to hell in a handcart over the past 6 months!
  3. That's why I boycott Ebay. Sad, but I wish there was a place to buy bags at a discount and you KNOW its authentic
  4. Well thank god there is the MP now!! I've already purchased two bags!!
  5. Wow! I just saw it was up again.
  6. ranirob, I agree with you. I have emailed bidders myself a couple of times myself. Last year I started loving handbags, Coach was the start of my obsession (moved on since then) I was disgusted by these sellers that were just liars! A couple of times I was shocked any buyer would fall for the obvious fake, but it happens. Thank goodness I have not experienced buying a fake and hopefully won't.

    Ebay is scary, I don't buy often and have only sold one hanbag and it was positive, thankfully. But, I'm scared as a seller I will be ripped off by a buyer. My designer bag obsession has grown so much that these days I have no choice but to try ebay in order to purge bags I haven't even used yet in order to make room for any more.;) I know some of you ladies can relate to this.:yes::shame:

    All I can hope is that I get to deal with ladies like you from this forum.Real people who happen to LOVE and take REAL good care of thier bags, among other great qualities too.
    I have learned alot and say "THANK YOU ALL" for my chloe obsession and now my current Bbag obsession. :lol:
    What could be next?:wacko:
  7. i think we should have a thread of all the super fake bbags on eBay with the item numbers everyday... its so ridiculous! i wish i could just selectively delete the fakes from my search list so i wouldnt have to look at them everytime i go check!
  8. Handbag fakers are really good these days...You have to be an 'expert' to be able to see the difference! Maybe ebay should put fulltime bbag specialists on the site, like they do for antiquities auctions.
  9. I guess I am especially cynical, because I actually purchased an incredibly good fake from a seller on ebay. The seller had very extensive pictures of the bales and the straps the o rings etc. Looked great except when I received the bag it was like super thin black, shiny Saran Wrap. It was real leather and very slouchy, so I could not believe it! Man they are good! I paid $875.00 for it and luckily the lady refunded my money. The only reason I know anything is by reading websites like this and constantly re-reading The Real Balenciaga thread. Real vs. Fake. It is awesome.
  10. yep, i hear ya ranirob, i do the same thing on almost a daily basis, because they make me so mad :Push:...and sometimes it does make a difference...i've had sellers pull auctions down because of my e-mails & posts here...after being conned myself, i feel like it's my duty to help protect other innocent buyers :yes:
  11. I love the idea of posting the super fakes on a separate thread everyday. It is a great idea, because the more exposure we give the sellers of the fakes and fake bags the more scared they will be to claim them as authentic. People will yet have another way to protect themselves. Not like a discussion thread, just listings of the fakes. If someone disputed one of bags listedas authentic, I guess it would go to another thread.
  12. Oh that makes me super happy to hear that sellers pull their listings because of your emails. You just might have saved some poor soul from spending their savings on a piece of trash. Great!!!:biggrin:
  13. thanks ranirob, it makes me super happy too, i :heart: helping others!!!
  14. That's a great idea! Then we can all do what aaallabama and other awesome PFers here do and pelt the dishonest sellers with e-mails!
  15. or if we posted the item numbers we could all report them everyday... and get ebay to take them down. we tried to do that on TFS but it kind of fell asleep. i think everyone is now on here more often anyway.