Must be dreaming of Louis Vuitton (all the time)

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  1. Only you guys would understand ~ I forgot I was on a Las Vegas Forum (thinking of planning a trip to Vegas) when I saw a thread named - Rush hour in LV ~ I could not click on the thread fast enough ~ thinking it had something to do with Louis and hot released LE...BUT I was disapponited when I realized it was about Las Vegas traffic ~ and I was not on tpf board! :girlsigh:
  2. That's cute -- and I totally understand. :smile:
  3. i do that too...:p
  4. lol, too cute
  5. i can totally relate..i'm obsessed!!
  6. The LV obsession manifests itself in strange ways ---- lol ---- I can totally relate!
  7. Hee! Hee! Nice to know someone else out there is as addicted as I am too!
  8. Lol!!!
  9. LOL... Too cute!!

    I'm obsessed over LV too (every day)! My husband thinks I'm crazy! :nuts:
  10. Shocks!!!! this LV bags are so addictive just in a span of 6 months I got 5 bags LOL!
  11. Haha I love it! Sounds like something I would do, too!
  12. lol! That's great. I think I would think it's Louis as well when some one says "LV". lol!

    Have fun in Vegas! I think there are several LV's on the strip now. Caesars forum, Wynn, and Neiman Marcus if I'm not mistaken. =)
  13. too funny!
  14. LOL!! We're obsessed!!!