Must Be Cold In LA: Terri Hatcher Going Out For Dinner

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  2. WOW...that a gorgeous coat...sadly the stripes would make me look like ...well, a fat ass!:nuts:
  3. Love the coat!!
  4. I think she looks a mess. Hair looks greasy, textured stockings look tacky, bag and coat dont work. EcK!
  5. Exactly what I wanted to say.
  6. Haha i think that's the ugliest coat in the world #2! I personally never want to look like a cow, but that's just me. *shrugs*
  7. Nice coat.
  8. :nuts: LOL...I did not think any of those things!!! (and Im NOT her biggest fan either) but I think she looks good!! Girl! Im cracking up as you and I tend to like the same things! Well, I never!
  9. that coat is beautiful

  10. You got that right..not feeling it..
  11. Not liking the coat..
    I don't think her hair is greasy..think that's just cause of the lighting from the cameras and stuff.. she looks sweet.
  12. :push: not really...
  13. She looks ok but the coat is fugly.
  14. Exactly :yes:. Way too much going on for one outfit.
  15. amanda no likie the big coat. eww.