muska milano

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  1. anyone know if these are quality bags? store on UES is going out of business and having big sale....not sure if prices reflect quality?
  2. They are excellent quality Italian bags. The prices reflect the quality- expensive but good. A few bags to me appear to be so similar to the Birkin that I wouldnt buy that one, but the others are gorgeous classic styles with impeccable workmanship. There is an outlet somewhere in NYC (search on google) where I often get their bags for $150 to $300.
  3. I was hoping someone could help me identify this Muska Milano I picked up, and what it is worth. Thanks :smile: I am new so it's not letting me post a pic, but it is a very large light tan leather with diamond cuts on one half of the front and it is woven on the other side. On the back it has a zipper. It has gold hardware. I wish I could post a pic. It is amazing! I got it new with tags for a steal and the retail price on the tag is $699. Could it be vintage? I can not find one like it anywhere!