Musique des spheres scarf?

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  1. I am an H scarf novice and know little to nothing about these various designs...but today I stumbled across this design and adore it. I saw it in mousseline but am wondering what colorways it comes in in twill (I like pinks, purples and bluish-purples best) and if anyone has any thoughts on where I might look for one.
  2. I believe HG is wearing one today...
  3. Thanks, QM, that is very helpful. It's almost too pretty to wear, I might just have to frame one.
    Rose, I found the thread and hope HG will see this and offer thoughts--but in the meantime I must say, that photo of you with the Giverny mousseline is stunning.
  4. Pepper, I've seen this in the pink colorway and it is the softest prettiest of scarves. My sister was wearing it and it was just beautiful.
  5. Pepper--in addition to the blue & orange Quinn's mom mentioned, I have seen the reissue in a deep purple with silver accents, a dark rusty orange, and a neutral I think was called "sable" that I have (pictured below). The original issues that I've seen have been in very pretty naturals--beiges, greys, browns, and I've always wanted one of these. I think this design makes an especially nice mousseline!

  6. I have one in anthracite and gold/yellow!

  7. I have anthracite and sable twill colorways. I've also seen prune, an orange red and a steel blue color.
  8. Tangle, that colourway is stunning!

    This is the one I have from the first batch issued: