Musings of a Croc birkin owner

  1. Thanks to my DH, I am now the owner of a lovely porosus croc birkin :heart: - which is perhaps the ultimate bag (from Hermes) to own for many, the epitome of a "perfect" handbag.

    Having not owned a croc birkin before then (only seen one black porosus briefly IRL previously), I've always subscribed to the "stereotype" that Hermes croc skin would be flawless/perfect. Now that I have the luxury of owning and examining my croc birkin up close, it's well... actually not. Unlike calf leather, the color/dye (on shiny croc) is not even/uniform throughout, the shiny croc skin shows creases much more easily compared to normal calf leather, there are tiny imperfections (tiny scratches, the occasional enlarged pore looking like it was a puncture mark) here and there etc. IN SPITE of all that (hey! nothing in nature in "perfect")....I now totally understand why the croc porosus birkin is the ultimate - it brings out the inner sexy siren in all of us (in me anyway) ... and nothing can describe the feeling of holding that piece of handmade luxury in your hands... i would almost say the bag had aphrodisiacal properties...:p

    PS: many thanks to MrsSparkles (fellow croc birkin owner) for her guidance and patience, especially in answering my "silly questions"...:ty:
  2. Hahah its wonderful to read that you are enjoying it with its imperfections nontheeless.For me it is the ultimate perfect handbag i wish to own someday.Wear it in good health.
  3. Nicely said. I took delivery of my first porosus crocodile birkin (35cm black with gold hardware) in mid-September of this year. It was my dream come true. Although I adore (and overly-pamper) this bag, it inspires me differently than my box calf birkins...which are so smooth, even and perfect. I realize that this exotic skin is to be viewed and treasured differently.

    Best regards.
  4. So true. And BTW your Violet Croc Birkin is FABULOUS. I just saw you thread!
  5. I 'm a big fan of exotic leather (i have few croco birkin bags ) .I love leather birkin too but I find them little bit know any time you look a crocodile bag you look something UNIQUE...THERE ARE NOT TWO CROCO BIRKIN THAT HAVE THE SAME SCALES?!?! you dont actually looking just a bag but a unique animal there are not two crocodile that are exacly the same....any way I dont think HERMES cloned a crocodile jet...hahahaha:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. Congrats to you archangel!!!
    Enjoy you first croc birkin!!!
  7. Yes, a croc birkin is the epitome bag for me. I don't plan to own one for many, many years. I figured, if I went all out and purchased one, what would be left to buy? The dread of not being able to be enticed by anything else kills me.

    Okay, after much digressing. Congratulations on your croc birkin. Where do you carry it to? Other than parties and important gatherings. Do you carry it to casual locales? Say local cafe, shopping malls, ...etc? Just curious.
  8. congrats again my dear enjo your beuty !
    and wht you said about the color that is actuall what i love about croc that it is not a flat color all over but multi-dimensional with under and overtones lighter and darker parts etc it adds life and character :heart:
  9. Words of wisdom from you as usual. Slowly but surely, I am appreciating that aspect of the exotics....and this fascination with scaly bags is getting addictive..:p
  10. It's really nothing, archangel. I do like talking about croc (alot). :p
  11. It's really nothing, archangel. I do like talking about croc (alot).
  12. :yes:
    That's why Croc is fascinating, almost hypnotic...
  13. As a non-owner (but admirer), I appreciate these comments. I know so little about exotics.
  14. Actually, there will still be alot more. I went out to acquire my croc birkin as my earlier birkin because I hated the chasing game to attain what I deemed as the ultimate H bag. I don't like to chase. So after getting her, I felt like I could relax and take my time to appreciate the other non exotics. Which was exactly what happened. And every season, H comes out with new skins and new colours. And that's where the trouble is ... the enticement does not end!

    Yes, it should be carried in most situations ... to the malls, cafe whereever. I don't see a croc birkin as a show piece. And should never be. Right, all croc owners?
  15. I would imagine so, archangel! You probably aren't carrying her very much right now as you and your DARLING DH are, er, perhaps occupied elsewhere - a LOT!! :graucho: :nuts: