musing: would you expect someone to replace your bag if it gets ruined?

  1. say you're out and about, at a restaurant, coffee shop or a friend's house and you have one of your FABULOUS bags with you. someone accidently spills something on it or ala sex in the city it gets lost or stolen.

    would you expect the host/management to replace your bag?

    personally, i would be beyond upset and probably cry but i don't think i could expect someone to *replace* it, especially if it was an honest mistake. i feel like i take the risk by spending that much on my stuff, you know?

    i was reading another thread and was suprised by the responses...i was curious if i'm the only one who sees it that way. maybe i need a reality tweak. hehe.
  2. If I was the one who damaged the bag, I would replace it! I don't think any of my friend would do the same for me though.:blink:
  3. Well, I think if somebody spilt something on it and it was an honest mistake, there's nothing you can really do. I mean, mistakes happen, it's part of life. I think if you can afford to buy the bag in the first place, you should be able to afford to replace if it something happened to it.

    I saw that episode of "Sex and the City" about Carrie's shoes getting stolen and how she made the the host of the party buy her a new pair. I think in that case, it was perfectly legitimate of Carrie to ask the host to replace her shoes because the host forced her to take off her shoes for the party. If you're at a party and the host requires that every woman put her purse in a pile in another room and someone walked off with your LV, then I think you have a right to ask the host to replace it. But if you willingly choose to carry your LV, you have to be prepared for disastrous outcomes because not everyone around you is going to know the cost of the bag and be as careful around it as we are.

    A few weeks ago, my boyfriend accidently spilled an entire cup of water on my mono speedy. The zipper was open so the water mainly spilled on the inside, but I got some pretty bad water stains on the handles. There was nothing I could do about it; it was a mistake. In fact, he was more upset about it than I was. It didn't even cross my mind to ask him to replace it.
  4. Well, I look at it like dry-cleaning (but obviously much more expensive!):
    -If another patron spills something on you or your bag is stolen by another patron, it is certainly not the establishment's responsibility to replace or fix your item
    -If an employee destroys your property, the establishment should offer to have it professionally cleaned (e.g., spaghetti sauce+white pants=dry-cleaning on them!). But it is solely at the discretion of the establishment.
    I once had a waiter give away my handbag to who he thought was the owner as she left- she took it (even said 'thank you', how polite:rant: ) and when they discovered that they had basically helped the woman steal my bag, the restaurant did NOTHING.
    The waiter who was actually a friend of mine paid the $400 to get my lovks changed as all of my keys were in my bag.
  5. I personally thing that they should pay to repalce your stuff, i mean it is there resposability for ruining it (imagine if it was a birkin!) but life doesnt allways go as planned -duh!
  6. I was thinking this exact same thing the other day. I was at the mall food court and someone almost ran into me. :Push: I think if my bag was really epensive and it was an accident, there was no way I'd make them pay. I choose to carry the bag, you know?
  7. Mistakes happen. I would never expect someone to replace my bag if they ruined it by mistake. If it was ruined at a restuarant by an employee and the restuarant offered to pay for it I would take them up on the offer. I would NEVER ask a friend for the money, unless it was similar to what happened to Carrie on sex and the city.
  8. If I ruined someone's bag I would replace it. When someone ruined one of my Coach bags at a restaurant they offered to buy me a drink and the restaurant offered me a T-shirt but I declined both. :rolleyes: Accidents happen but if I was at fault I'd want to make it right. :shame:
  9. I would pay for cleaning, I would expect that in return, but not to buy me another bag. A sincere apology can go far, but if they were rude I might beat them with said bag!!
  10. I'm sorry, but this NEVER makes sense to me.:huh:

    Why do people think like this?:shocked:

    Some people save their butts off for a year or more to buy a nice bag. . .

    People should take some freakin' responsibilty.
    If they damage someone else's preoperty,they should make it right.

    If someone hits my Lexus, I shouldn't have to pay for it just because "I can afford one":rolleyes:

  11. agreed :shocked: :yes:
  12. makes me wish there was such thing as bag insurance! :smile:
  13. I've never had this happen (usually I have my purse draped on my knee or right beside my feet - yes...I have gone so far as to lay a napkin on the floor to put it on)....but if I did I would be extremely angry and am not sure what I'd do after I calmed down. I honestly don't know if I could ask someone to replace/repair my 1K bag.

    as an aside...I was at the casino once...I won a bunch of money and got so excited I spilled my Coke on the lady next to me (who of course was wearing white pants). I immediately apologized and gave her cash on the spot to dryclean the pants...even if I hadn't won I would do the same thing.
  14. This is called living outside your means. I realize that people live this way all the time. Just because someone has expensive things, doesn't mean they can afford it. What I was saying was, if you can afford to have expensive things, you can afford to replace it.
  15. this is probably a different thread but it is NOT living outside your means if you SAVE for it...planning and saving for big purchases is actually the definition of living within your means. :smile: