Musing...Choosing my LV stores like boyfriends


Jazzy says, "buy the bag".
Aug 22, 2013
I'm lucky enough that I currently live in a city close to countless LV stores. Of course it's a huge city, so I fight traffic and crowds to purchase new Precious', but it's all worth it!

As I texted my SA (that I've purchased my big ticket items), I realize she isn't always helpful. She is sweet as pie, and the overall staff always treat me kindly. Thing is, I usually know way more about the items than she does...including bags or prints that have been part of LV for years.

Usually when I visit her store, I pick exactly what I want and buy. Outside of the conversations, drinking champagne or tea, there usually isn't much assistance with the actual products. I initiate everything: "Do you have this in more sizes? Colors? Prints?" No matter what item, I have to dig and dig to ensure I get what's right for me.

I feel pretty awkward because eventually it turns into some sort of scavenger hunt with the SAs. A tower of SLGs and a slew of purses will end up on the counter or table.

Well, other stores are opposite. While the SAs are still kind and friendly, they are more helpful with products, and will even give suggestions if they feel I'm looking for something particular. For instance, I have a favorite color that is usually evident in one of my items of clothing, lip color, or handbags. The SAs at other stores will latch on to that and recommend accordingly. This can even be during my first visit to that store. My main store has seen me numerous times and yet I still have to ask, "do you have any in X color?"

It's so funny how I decide what I'll purchase at each store, or based on my mood what store I'll visit that day. If I know exactly what I plan to get, no questions asked, I'll go visit my main SA. However, if I'm just browsing--itching for a new SLG--but with no real certainty of the type or color, I will go to a different store.

Does anyone here also choose stores according to moods?