1. My favorite is Wicked. I've seen it twice, in the Netherlands and in London. I'm going to see it in New York as well. I wish I could've seen West Side Story, My Fair Lady, Cats and How To Succeed in Business without really trying (with Daniel Radcliffe), but too bad I live in the Netherlands, so unfortunately I'll have to miss a lot of good musicals...) I'm also going back to London soon to see Singin' in the rain, can't wait too see that :smile:

  2. Oh my, I can't believe I forgot American Idiot on my list :wtf:
    I booked my tickets the day they came out (beginning of november) even though it's not on till next october. Absolutely cannot wait, it's just a shame John Gallagher Jr won't be in the UK cast as I love him so very much :crybaby:
  3. You are going to LOVE the show! October will come very quickly. I saw it twice on Broadway with John Gallagher Jr., Michael Esper, Tony Vincent and Stark Sands. It was amazing. I cannot wait to see it again.

    The touring show has an entirely different cast. Van Hughes (who was JGJ's standby) is playing Johnny on tour in the U.S. and many of the understudies from Broadway are touring as well. I'm so excited!
  4. John Gallagher Jr is my current favourite actor - I'm so jealous!
    I'm seeing it in the UK (and travelling 200 miles to do so). Still no word about who's going to be in the UK touring cast but it's apparently going to be some of the US touring cast, so who knows? I just hope they're good!

  5. I saw American Idiot three times on Broadway (I've a big Green Day fan since the beginning). it was amazing. I was blown away by the energy (like a greenday concert without the mosh pit - I'm too old for that). anyway, I attended the second night performance; Green Day was there and performed a set afterwards! Then saw it again when there was a Q&A with the cast and producers. And last was when Tony Vincent went on vacation and Billie Joe filled in. He did a fabulous job and showed that he has a kick-*** voice (unlike the auto tune divas of pop).

    If you're going to London to see shows, I highly recommend adding Matilda to your list. it was also amazing - it won best new musical last year, I think. I hope it comes to broadway so I can see it again otherwise I might have to go back to London.
  6. I have tickets for Billy Elliot tonight!
  7. Sweet! My hubby took my son (I was sick that night) and they LOVED it! Enjoy!
  8. When I was younger, we'd go to England to visit relatives. While there, my uncle would get us tickets to musicals. While in London I have seen:

    Les Miserables
    Blood Brothers
    Miss Saigon
    Starlight Express
    The Phantom of the Opera

    The only one I ended up seeing again was Les Miserables. (When I was studying in London, my parents visited me and we found a kiosk selling tickets to shows for that night. My parents offered to buy me a theatre ticket. I wanted Mamma Mia! but that was sold out.

    I remember being in the front row in the balcony. I had to sit sideways because there wasn't enough space to accommodate my legs.

    I also remember being incredibly moved by the show.

    For the longest time, I went around saying I gradually realized that Cats sucked! (I remember being so mesmerized by it when I saw it.)

    Then I realized that saying that wasn't nice to Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber. Now I like to say I realized it wasn't my cup of tea.

    Although, part of me is glad I saw it and Memories is a beautiful piece.

    I love the melodies of The Phantom Of The Opera.

    They're so beautiful when sung on stage or on the c.d., but sometimes I'll find myself absentmindedly humming them from time to time.
  9. When I was in college, our chorus sang Bring Him Home (from Les Miserables). . . . . Well, a senior sang the solo and we backed him up.

    It's a beautiful piece but holding all those notes got tedious. At one point, I asked the choral director if we could just kill him and put him out of his misery.

    (I remember during slow moments in rehearsal for this, I found myself humming bits from La Resistance from The South Park Movie.)
  10. Not necessarily a musical but I thought this story would fit here:

    When I worked at Starbucks, sometimes as a joke I would I would refer to the Macchiato as a "Mikado"

    We were promoting the Maple Macchiato and I was walking around with a tray offering samples to customers. I stopped at a table and the topic of how to pronounce Macchiato came up. (For the record, it's Mach-ee-ah-to). I told them that I used to call it a Mikado.

    The Mikado is a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. The customer asked how I was familiar and I told him that my college chorus sange selections from the show. He asked me if I could sing a little bit. I ended up singing a small verse of Three Little Maids.

    Follow-up to that story, a couple months ago, it was a busy Sunday afternoon, a customer came up and ordered a couple of venti white mochas. I was concentrating on either marking the cups or getting it correctly on the register so I saw his face when he came in but I was looking at my register screen.

    He then finished his order with, "And a verse of Three Little Maids, please."

    I laughed and obliged.
  11. I went to college in Rhode Island, and every year they'd offer a trip to New York to see a musical.

    On school trips I've seen Rent (three times) and Aida.

    When I was in New York with my family for Spring Break vacations, we'd sometimes see musicals, too. With my family, I've seen:

    The Full Monty
  12. Every once in a while, my aunt or cousin would get tickets to a play in Toronto and they'd invite me along.

    With them I've seen:

    Jersey Boys
    The Sound of Music
    Billy Elliot
  13. I haven't seen the stage production of The Producers, but I love the movie and the soundtrack. I was working at Starbucks when I saw the movie and I bought the soundtrack, I was steaming milk at work going, "Springtime for Hitler and Germany . . . "

    I haven't seen stage productions of Avenue Q, Wicked or Spring Awakening but I am familiar with the soundtracks of these shows.
  14. I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables always makes me cry.

    In the part of the play where Fantine is lamenting about being abandoned by her lover, given birth to her daughter (Cosette) out of wedlock, wrongly dismissed from a desperately-needed job and forced into prostitution to survive and to support her daughter.

    She goes from being sad to just utter despair and anger throughout the course of the song.

    Oh, and the part where just before Fantine dies and she sings Come to Me to her daughter? And then Jean Valjean swears he'll take care of her? My heart was just broken.
  15. Going to see The Mikado tomorrow. I've seen it before but what the heck, it's amusing and I never turn down a chance to wear some killer shoes. My 2 sisters and my mom are going as well and my baby sister is bringing her daughter. Should be fun!