1. Do they belong here or in Cinema? I haven't searched the other forum, but I was curious about good musicals. I guess they could belong here if we're just talking about the songs and not the acting (whether on stage or silver screen).

    What are your fave songs from musicals?

    I don't have a lot of exposure, so I'm also looking for suggestion to listen/watch.

    What are your fave songs from musicals?
  2. I love musicals. The first theatrical musical I ever saw was A Chorus Line... a little risque for a ten year old but I still remember the entire experience.

    My favorite is, definitely, The Music Man. Harold Hill and Marian The Librarian... :love:

    Others that I like...

    The Sound of Music
    How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
    My Fair Lady
  3. I was in a production of The Music Man in college. :p I was one of the Pick a Little ladies :graucho:

    I love musicals as well. A few of my favorites:

    Guys & Dolls (another one I was in)
    West Side Story
    Spamalot (HILARIOUS!)

    But, my ALL TIME FAVORITE is Phantom of the Opera.
  4. Cabaret -my all time favourite

    The Drowsy Chaperone - this one was hilarious!

    Rent - went to watch it twice and it's good but it kind of drags in certain parts.

    Phantom of the Opera
  5. I like corny stuff so my favorites are:
    The Pirate Movie
    Crybaby (with Johnny Depp if you're into him)

    Then I like family stuff like Mary Poppins and Sound of Music.
  6. I'm a musical dork
    Phantom is kind of an everyone must see it I think.
    Wicked is fantastic
    Chicago is great too
    My all-time favorite is Les Miserables though
  7. Are you talking about stage musicals like Broadway and such...or movies. I enjoy movie musicals, but you just can't capture the nuances of a live show.

    I've always loved Broadway. I average 3 or 4 live professional productions a year as well as community theatre and my kids are musicians and thespians.

    Here are some of the shows I've seen live:

    Sound Of Music
    Next To Normal
    Jersey Boys
    Spring Awakening
    Phantom of the Opera
    In The Heights
    Fiddler On The Roof
    American Idiot The Musical
    25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
    Suessical The Musical
    Avenue Q
    My Fair Lady
    The Lion King
  8. There's going to be a movie version of Les Miserables next year - Hugh Jackman is playing Jean Valjean, Russell Crowe is Javert, Anne Hathaway is Fantine, Helena Bonham Carter is Mme Thernardier. I'll be going to see that one. Hopefully it's better then the movie version of Phantom, I really didn't like that adaptation.

    Wicked is amazing. Avenue Q is laugh out loud hilarious - it has Sesame Street-style puppets, but telling a very adult story!
  9. Haha...I wish they'd told the senior citizens that came to the show we went to. Half of a row of people left at intermission. I think it was after the "puppet sex scene".
  10. My favorite is Singin' In The Rain
  11. I love musicals, especially live. I've seen Les Miserables at least 3 times and Guys and Dolls and Tommy a couple times.

    Les Miserables (too many favorite songs to mention, but On My Own brings tears to my eyes))
    Tommy (See Me Feel Me Touch Me, Pinball Wizard)
    Guys and Dolls
    Cabaret (Maybe This Time is the best song, IMO))
    Stop the World, I Want To Get Off
    South Pacific (all are classics)
    Oklahoma (again, all the songs are classics)
    A Chorus Line (most of them are great)
    West Side Story (all classics)
    Kiss Me Kate
    Miss Saigon
    Cats (Memory)
    Phantom of the Opera
    Forever Plaid
  12. Okay... I think that most of those have been made into film... but does anyone know if there are dvds available of the broadway performances? Does that ever happen?

    How much do they change the musical when it's in film form as opposed to on the stage?
  13. I've searched and almost none of the stage musicals are on dvd, just cast recordings. Les Miz has a dvd of the performers over the years fom different countries just standing there singing the songs but not doing the play. They are making a Les Miz movie with Hugh Jackman I believe.

    Some shows translate well to movies:
    South Pacific
    West Side Story
    Sound of Music
    My Fair Lady
    Lion King was a movie first, then a stage musical

    I thought A Chorus Line was a huge disappointment on film. I hope Les Miz comes out well on film

    Singin' In the Rain is considered by most to be the best movie musical of all time. The *Make 'Em Laugh* scene was done in one take! Unbelievable!
  14. It's very difficult to do a broadway performance in movie format. IMO...most movie musicals are pretty hokey unless they're in animated format. (Disney)

    Cats was done as a movie, which actually was quite good. It has some of the original cast. If you can, get the video that shows the audition and thought process of Andrew Lloyd Weber. Although, it wasn't as exciting as the live show (which I've seen 3 times), you won't be disappointed. It was definitely ALW's baby and you can see how attached he is. The story is kind of strange but once you get used to the factions, you can see how it is a very human story.

    Here is the Wiki on Cats:

    Another that wasn't done badly is Rent. I was really impressed how that one came off. The problem for me, is that I'm a Broadway/Off Broadway purist. Seeing a live show is an organic experience and really cannot be replicated.
  15. The theatre community is pretty small where I live in Hawaii, and most performances take place on the other side of the island. Getting to see things live is pretty much non-existant in my life.

    Oahu does have touring groups that will play, which would be nice if I lived there, and of course cost is always a factor. I'd love to be able to see something professionally done.

    I have seen the movie version of Rent thanks to the teens I worked with at the time. They were singing the songs in the hallways and insisted I watch it with them one evening. I enjoyed the story and the music.