1. Who loves 'em? Who watches 'em?

    MEEEE! (I've highlighted my favorites):

    On Broadway, I've seen:

    Monty Python's Spamalot!
    Rent (three times)
    The Full Monty
    The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular

    In London I've seen:
    Phantom of the Opera
    Miss Saigon
    Blood Brothers
    Starlight Express

    In Boston I've seen The Blue Man Group

    I REALLY wish I had seen The Producers in a theatre. But I've seen the movie, and own the soundtrack and the DVD. (After I've seen the movie and after I bought the DVD, I was steaming milk at work going, "Springtime for Hitler and Germany . . . "

    I also own Rent and Chicago on DVD.
  2. Ooohh, I would love to see Rent on Broadway!
  3. I LOVE THEM! I subscribe to the Broadway L.A. services with my mom and my faves so far are: Mamma Mia, Annie, Wicked & Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.
  4. I LOVE musicals! I've only seen a few on Broadway, but I have season tickets to the local theater.

    On Broadway:
    Sweet Charity
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    42nd Street
    Thoroughly Modern Millie
    The Fully Monty
    Phantom of the Opera

    I also have a ton of movie musicals...and some musicals and operas that were taped during a performance. I love everything that has to do with theater.
  5. i love musicals, especially movie musicals like the ones by Rodgers & Hammerstein:tender:. i literally grew up on them, because my grandmother let me watch them when i was very little, so i know all the lyrics from my favorite musicals.

    on Broadway i saw:

    The Woman In White

    in London i saw:

    Phantom Of The Opera
    Miss Saigon
    Les Miserables

    the movie musicals i love to death:

    My Fair Lady
    The Sound Of Music
    The King & I
    South Pacific
    The Student Prince
    Flower Drum Song
    Evita (1996 starring Madonna)
  6. I love musicals... I don't think I could list all that I've seen with the times that I've seen them because there are too many! I usually have a few trips to nyc a year and see most of what comes to Chicago, depending on if I liked it on Bway or not.

    Some of my favorites have been Rent, which I saw more times than I can count on my hands and toes, lol, bway, chicago, across the country... ridiculous amounts back in the beginning of it. The producers with Lane & Broderick was so much fun! I went twice with them, the second time my friend and I literally spent two entire days on the phone trying to get through, one time waiting on hold until 4am... they were fab. the movie is entertaining but they were just so hilarious on stage together... not as great in the odd couple though, unfortunately. Spamalot was hilarious too. And Wicked has been in Chicago for over a year now so I've seen that a few times now and I have loved it.

    I also see lots of local theater, while Chicago doesnt have quite as many as nyc, I think we have the second most and there is always something good to see!
  7. I love Musicals! I just bought a book of piano music to famous musical songs and I have now mastered Les Miserables :wlae: My favourite has to be The Phantom of the Opera though becuase I have fond memories of dressing up when I was a little girl and watching it at the theatre, it was magical.
  8. Oh! I forgot to mention, I've seen Les Miserables twice in London.
  9. I am also a lover of musicals.

    On Broadway, I've seen:
    Phantom of the Opera
    Les Mis
    Miss Saigon

    In So Cal I've seen:
    Mamma Mia
    The Producers
    Les Mis
    Movin Out
    ...and so many others I can't remember...
  10. I Gotta admit i adore musicals more than is considred healthy ... lol.
    I am a professinal preformer by trade so I have seen a Ton , but I have also preformed in many of them as well , I lived in NY for years trying to make it up there, I was in The Broadway cast of "The Scarlet Pimpernel" and did a lot of regional and Off-B'way ..... (( and Off-Off-B'way... and well NewJersey ......)) hehe. I did the European tour of Les Miserables as Eponine.. that was one of my favorite roles ever!

    My fave shows include:

    -Guys and Dolls
    -The Cradle will Rock
    -Wild Party
    -Rent (love it )
    -Side Show
    - Spamalot
    ... and toomany more to count ! :love: I am glad people still love theatre other than us crazy actors!
  11. caitlin1214 and yeuxhonnetes: When did you see Miss Saigon in London? Just may have seen my uncle...he played the engineer in London's Miss Saigon.

    I haven't seen too many...all on Broadway:
    Miss Saigon (3x)
    Les Miserables (2x)
    Phantom of the Opera
  12. I don't thinking there is a musical I don't like. I love them all.
  13. I was around 8, 9, 10 . . . something like that. My dad's side of the family is English, so we'd go there for family events. My parents would tell my uncle what play we wanted to see and he'd get us the tickets.
  14. On Broadway--
    Phantom of the Opera
    Evita (the original with Patty LaPone)

    Other live theater--
    Sunset Boulevard
    42nd Street
    The King and I
    Bye Bye Birdie

    I am sure I have left out some.
  15. I'm not a huge fan of musicals, but the DH took me to Cats and Jesus Christ Superstar several years ago. One time, totally by a weird series of people that couldn't use the tickets, we got to see Miss Saigon. OMG, I bawled like a baby at the end!! And the effects of the helicopter when Saigon was being evacuated still gives me goose bumps.

    The DH is a huge fan of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. I don't care for them myself, but I've gone to a couple, though G&S purists will tell you straight away that they ARE NOT MUSICALS! I don't care for them, so what do I know?:shrugs: