Musical "Wicked"

  1. Has anyone else seen and loved this show? I saw it last weekend in Boston and can't rave enough about it - I just loved it!! And so much more than I thought I would......I've been listening to the CD all afternoon while gardening and I still want to listen more - it's so wonderful.....I want to see it again!! I really feel it moves to the top of my list of shows I've seen:love:
  2. I saw it last year in Los Angeles. I was really hesitant to see it because it had such mixed reviews. I took my father, for a father's day gift. Needless to say, we both loved it. It's coming back to the Southern California area in August. I can't wait to see it again.
  3. I saw it two years ago on Broadway... it's a great show! I bought a pink POPULAR baseball tee after the program. It has a magic wand instead of the "L" in Popular!

    I don't understand how it can have mixed reviews. Everyone that I have met who have seen Wicked have loved it. Where are they now?
  4. Ooh, I want to go again too. ;)
  5. I think it is coming here. Isn't that the pre-Wizard of Oz one?
  6. Wicked is the Best! Saw it on Broadway last year. The message is profound. You should read the book on which it was based.. "The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West" by Gregory MacGuire. It will fill in alot of detail. The song "I Have Been Changed by You" still makes me cry and I have worn it out!!
  7. Sellmysoul, just seeing you write the song gave me chills! I don't know if I just thought it would be silly because of the content, (yes fendigal, it is the prelude to the Oz story but in such a great way!), but it sucked me in and really the friendship/relationship part of it was amazing...We tried (2 friends and I) to get tickets in NYC 1.5 yrs. ago and couldn't as it was sold out so 4 mos. ago reserved with a bus trip from here going to Boston - I highly recommend it! Although, dd (12) cannot stand the music!

    Oh, and I did start the book before but had trouble getting into it - I'm reading it now though!
  8. i took my mom to the show last here when it was here in the pantages.. we both loved it! the costumes and stage sets were BEAUTIFUL!
  9. I read the book and have yet to watch the musical but definately want to!!! (LOVED the book!!!)
  10. My bf and I got lucky and won the lottery one day, so $25 first row seats, tickets had been sold out and I kept putting it off, but I wanted to see it in Chicago before Ana Gasteyr left the cast. (I'm sure I spelled her name wrong!) I thought I'd think it was ok, but I actually enjoyed it so much! And so did my bf. I'm a former Renthead so he is *this* close to agreeing to take me to London this fall to see it with Idina Menzel taking on Elphaba again in the London cast:P
  11. I saw it and LOVED it too! It was my first time at the Kennedy Center in D.C. which is also amazing.

    I love play's and reliving them over and over again with the soundtracks. My all time Fave is Aida, I saw that on Broadway my first (and so far only) trip to New York. Saw Lion King in Baltimore and that show is OUTSTANDING! I love all thre of the mentioned, bt each for a unique reason.
  12. I loooved it! I saw it in SF last summer :smile:
  13. I would love to see it, I read the book and loved it.
  14. I understand the book is a little different - you have to see it! It was just so much more than I imagined! Of course, trying to explain to DH and kids about it - it just sounds silly to them!