Music to Give Birth to

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  1. So, here's a fun thread for everyone. At the clinic where I'll be giving birth, we're allowed to bring in our own CDs to play during the whole ordeal. I want to make a mixed CD and was wondering what I should have on there. Initially, I thought I should have only relaxing music. But now after hearing a lot of labour stories from friends and family, it sounds like I need some pump-up music in there, too.

    Any suggestions on songs for my mix? :jammin:
  2. i just picked all my favorites. from slow to hip hop...

    my last son was born to the dave matthew's band, and little did i know that my doc was a total dmb FREAK! she even got thrown out of a concert because she was trying to jump the rail that separated the people from the stage...LOL it was funny to hear that story as i was pushing my son out.
  3. Lol! You know you're in good hands when your doc is also a fan.

    I'll definitely have to add some DMB into the mix. Thanks ilovepinkhearts!
  4. I gave birth to both mine while listening to Madonna, Ray of Light.
  5. i think id do calming ocean waves with a mix of hawaiian music. so peaceful. and if the baby doesnt wanna come out.. ill have to get my heart rate going and not lose hope.. ya know keep my energy up.. so ill pop in some lady gaga "just dance" and get my groove on. It's a fun spunky song that just makes me wanna get up and dance. Dancing and just the rhythm and being in the moment of the movement is so calming to me. It eases my pain so this song is up beat and will definitely be playing to keep my energy high and pain away.
  6. When I had my c-section, my doctor played Michael Jackson.
  7. I'd have a mix of calmer and faster music. I'd probably put Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Tom Petty, The Who, Bob Dylan, Springsteen, Billy Joel, Bob Seger, Maybe some AC/DC and Rolling Stones. Who knows. Got to bring the LO into the world with some rock and roll. :rochard:
  8. I gave birth to my DS while listening to Bruce!
  9. Stevie Wonder singing "Isn't She Lovely".
  10. This is such a great thread for me now as I load my Zune to deliver... hopefully not too soon. I am definitely thinking "Good Morning Baltimore" will be included.
  11. @oo0ehxtahcee0oo: Just listened to a sample of "Just Dance". Great dance song...think I'll have to add it to the mix.

    And Shakti29: Ray of Light is actually one of my favourite workout albums :smile:

    Lots of great ideas here. Wondering what the baby Bean will think of coming out to AC/DC's Thunderstruck :rochard:

    I came across one fave song of mine that I don't think will make the playlist, tho': "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis. Gorgeous song but I don't know if I'll want to hear that chorus during the delivery :s
  12. I think the TV was on in the background, but I could really care less what was on when I was in the middle of giving brith. I didn't see or hear anything but the doctor telling me to push... :Push:
  13. I suppose depends on your personality - do you prefer to be calmed or excited? One of my friends joked about listening to music that would give her diarrhea. For her last baby she had an epi but it didn't work she felt the whole crowning process!