Music meets Magic!!

  1. As part of our wedding anniversary, my DH and I went to the Bal Harbor Hermes. While there were no bags to grab of interest to me, we snatched these colorful accessories. My DH, who plays guitar when not practicing law, set up the one picture and had lots of fun!! He even said that he will have to keep his eyes open to look for women with Hermes bags.

  2. Happy Anniversary Sus! Can you reload the pics? I'm not seeing anything right now....can't wait to see your new goodies!
  3. WOW!!! Lovely lovely accessories! I especially love the wallet! Is that Rose Shocking I see? :graucho: Love the lil turquoise frame too! So cute! I'm so envious of everyone's Karos now :biggrin:
  4. Oops ~ sorry I am not good with this!
  5. Really sweet! I love your Hermes accessories....
  6. Yes, Neeya, that is a Rose Shocking Bern and it is a lovely color!
  7. <<<<< :greengrin:
  8. Gorgeous colors Sus; I love everything! And DH has some very nice guitars!
  9. wOW !! Gorgeous collection !!! Love them ALL !!!
    they look GREAT with the Gibson !!
  10. Oh, love those, congrats and Happy Anniversary!
  11. NIIIIIIIIIICE!!!! what wonderful vibrant colors!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!
  12. Very nice rainbow of colors!!! Congrats!
  13. Anniversary Congratulations! Your new accessories are beautiful! I am really loving Rose Shocking, very much. And the little picture frames and Karos.

    Very nice anniversary, indeed!
  14. Sweet DH. Love everything.
  15. Thanks Neeya, Rainrowan, Orchids, Lovethatthing, Rose, PBC, Pelinaka, and Pelinaka.

    Rose Shocking is such a gorgeous color. I considered some ostrich berns (they had a Rouge Vif one) but when I saw the RS one my decision was easy. Thereafter everything was was what went with the Rose Shocking.

    Thanks to everyone who has shown their rainbow assortment beforehand; it makes the inside of my bags so much more fun than browns or blacks.