Music in the morning?

  1. Do you listen to music in the morning?
    I always listen to soft piano music while I'm sipping my green tea in the morning. It's a nice way for me to start the day, calm and relaxed :smile: .

    What about you?
  2. yes, but its on the radio at work, so I hear things like Justin Timberlake and Fergie. haha
  3. I usually put on something kind of funky and upbeat in the mornings to get me going!!
  4. When I'm ready to get up, then yes. I turn it up loud and dance around while I get ready! But while driving, I'd rather listen to some morning talk radio show than listen to upbeat music. Lively music + annoying traffic is not a good mix.
  5. I listen to justin/john mayer/other chart music when I take my daughter to school but rarely listen if I stay home until later in the day.
    and sometimes I end up listenning to her kid songs too :/ (barbie/kim possible etc) she knows it's waiting for her in the car! lol
  6. Any type of music would be much appreciated after my first cup of coffee. ehehehehe
  7. mostly talk radio in the morning.
  8. I usually have about 5 minutes to spare in the morning before I go to work, so I either listen to my i-pod or play the piano. Once I'm at work I have to listen to my boss's classical music which is ok, but it sends me to sleep as it's only 8am when I start, at that time I need something a bit more upbeat.
  9. Ditto I usually go and turn it off it gets irritating for me after a while? Im not so much of a music person I suppose.. :P
  10. I either listen to NPR talk radio or loud punk rock in the morning on my drive to work. It depends on what mood I'm in.
  11. I usually listen to the radio. I turn it up really loud so I don't fall back asleep or anything.
  12. I set my alarm clock to go off on a mix radio station. Sometimes I'll just leave the music on while I get ready. Other times I'll watch videos on MTV.
  13. on my way out to work about 10 minutes before i get to work, i'm listening to The Fray, Christina Aguilera's ballads/piano tracks, and quiet Andrea Bocelli.. and when i get to a certain street, i switch over to fast dance and pop tracks to get my blood pumping and my energy high. lol. so i can walk into work at godawful early AM's and smile my ass off like i haven't been at work in forever.
  14. I listen to Southern Gospel Music, day and night....constantly!
  15. i listen to it as i'm getting ready for work and also in the car on my way to work.