Books & Music Music ideas for Fashion show ??

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  1. I am helping the grade 12's with their fashion show this year - any great songs you've used in the past?
    (We are having no talking - like 'This is sheila and she's wearing a cotton.......' - just booming music ;)
  2. I know that people rip the victoria secret fashion show music, but other then that I am not sure sorry.
  3. How about some of the music used on Project Runway?
  4. Great ideas - I already have some of the Victorie Secret stuff =) I'll research project runway too - thanks!
  5. I used to choreograph AND chair a fashion show for over 300 people at my daughters school.
    I hired a fantastic DJ..he and I went thru his song lists..and picked what was appropriate for the runway....
    Outfits all have different personalities,so chossing the correct songs is KEY!

    We had male and female teachers as models from my daughters school....and they had a BLAST.FOr example,we had this Hottie gym teacher modeling and he was super outgoing.We surpised him by having him walk out to "Im too sexy"...ROFL..We had the crowd rolling in laughter(yes,alcohol was invloved,it was adults only!!)
  6. My cousin interned at NY Fasion Week last year (and I tagged along) and a lot of designers used "D.A.N.C.E." by Justice. Now everytime I hear it I think of fashion shows! It's catchy and lyrics are kid-friendly if you are concerned about that.

    And I don't know if it's too old school (though now old school is good ... right?) but I walked in a university fashion show to DNA/Suzanne Vega "Tom's Diner" and that worked well (but that was like 10 years ago -- lol).
  7. If you can get a musically inclined student see if they can remix a song popular amonst them. It can be a group project and it'll be original. If they have macs they can do it on garage band just make sure they use some of the least hackneyed loops. PM me if you have some questions. I am a music ajor in college so I'd more than happy to help. ;00
  8. "Got Ur Number" by Nadia Oh:
  9. I've been to fashion shows (Milan, New York, Paris), in general the music is upbeat and remixed. It depends on the mood you are trying to set for the show. It is usually a hybrid of electronica, indie rock, and hip hop. I like Goldfrapp, Bitter:Sweet, even Air. Justin Timberlake and Beyonce remixed was very popular in New York.
  10. I walked on Mr. Vain once and thought that was different (it was a remix) Good luck!
  11. Most appropriate will be 'Vogue' by Madonna ;)
  12. i want to do the catwalk everytime i hear music like the pcd songs haha :shame:
  13. Thanks everyone for your ideas - I used almost all of them and it was awesome =)
  14. What about Danity Kane's "Show Stopper"