'music And Lyrics' Premiere

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    Dressed in a stunning halter-neck gown with intricate oriental-style gold embroidery, Drew Barrymore wowed onlooker at last night's 'Music and Lyrics' premiere in Los Angeles. The 32-year-old accessorised her dramatic dress with a glittering array of gold bangles and a sleekly swept-up hairdo.

    Sharing the red carpet with Drew was her co-star Hugh Grant, who recently revealed how much he's enjoying life these days with his partner Jemima Khan. The 46-year-old actor also got to meet up with an equally beautiful pal at the screening - his 'Two Weeks Notice' co-star Sandra Bullock
  2. wow - she looks gorgeous!! What an amazing dress, I wonder who made it?
  3. oww!!!drew is so adorable:smile:thank you prada's meadow:biggrin:
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  5. oh my... drew's so pretty there :love:
    i love her bangles!!

    and hugh grant is such a charming guy :love:

    not to mention adam brody aaahhhhh :love:
  6. She looks gorgeous!!!
  7. Drew is so gorgeous in that dress. Very stunning!
  8. She looks amazing! I LOVE her dress and her hair!
  9. She looks stunning! Her dress is gorgoeus and I love her hair.
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  11. Drew looks gorgeous. She's so much more glamorous lately and the look suits her! Also love Kate Walsh (from Grey's Anatomy).
  12. Drew looks lovely!:yes:
  13. Wow, Drew looks stunning, as does Sandra Bullock. Hugh Grant and Adam Brody both look fab :heart:
  14. Drew really seems to have come into her own lately. Classy, beautiful and a "down to earth" quality.
  15. ^^ Ita!