Music and Arts Subforum?

  1. Do you think we need one? We can leave the ones about musicians in the celebrities section (or we can move them) but the ones about the songs could go in there. The topics about karaoke could go there as well.

    (And I'm only half joking when I say if there was one, I'd like to volunteer to be moderator!)
  2. That sounds like a good idea!! Maybe a sticky in the celeb section?
  3. That would be cool. (We could call it Play On! or something.)

    The way I figured, concerts, songs, song lyrics and karaoke would go in music.

    Topics about individual musicians (ie: Madonna adopting another baby) would stay in the Celebrities.

    And maybe bagandshoo could moderate. (Or bagandshoo and I could comoderate. I've moderated groups before, and I love music.)
  4. music!
    we need a music subforum in the playground!
    an important part of life is overlooked!
    do we not have it because there are so many categories in music?
    i just love ALL types of music, so it would be great if i could talk about it with other people who have similar interests as me (HANDBAGS!)
    megs and vlad, could ya? pretty please? :smile:
  5. Totally I'm a music student and i'd love to mod it
  6. great idea, i support a music forum!
  7. I see one for television and cinema but not music. I am a music fanatic. I think you can learn a lot about a person by the type of music they listen too. Please consider!:shame:
  8. Or combine music with the tv forum? Like a general entertainment forum perhaps?
  9. no i totally agree, music is its own thing and should have a forum, that would probably be the only other forum other than the designers i like, feedback dropbox, and handbags and purses i'd freuquent.
  10. I agree that sounds like a good idea :yes:
    I love music to death... ;)
  11. I think books & music could be together in a subforum:yes:
  12. I agree.

    (Sidebar: I love both of those things!)
  13. I was JUST about to post for a Music subforum!
    I think that books and music should be separate, though. Very different media and I'm sure we'd have no trouble filling up each!
  14. I think it is a better idea to combine music with television/cinema in a general entertainment forum. I feel we have too many specific forums and this is starting to become a general interest forum.
  15. bump..i would love for a music section!!!!!