1. Does anyone know if mushrooms are good for you? I love them, and I am trying to eat healthy, but I'm not sure if they have much nutritional value or not. Sorry if this is supposed to go with Heath and Fitness, btw...
  2. Well, I'm not sure, but since they're considered a vegetable, they probably have some nutrional value. Maybe they have Vitamin C? I love them too!
  3. I can't get past that mushrooms are a fungus. Can't eat 'em.
  4. I looove mushrooms, any kind (had a combination of sauteed baby bellas and ****akes tonight!). I am unaware of any specific health benefits, but they are tasty :biggrin: SO won't eat them, he calls them the "zombie vegetable"
  5. Oh no!!! no "zombie veggies" here!!! They are sooo yummy!!!
  6. I just had some for dinner. mmmm... yummy.
  7. LOL my dad feels the same way!
  8. not sure what health benefits they have but they're goooood :drool: and i can't imagine they contain many calories either so keep on eating them!
  9. i think shiitake mushrooms are suppose to be really good for you... i don't know exactly how but i heard that....
  10. I love mushrooms too. Very low in calories, but not sure what their nutritional value is ?
  11. They are really good!!! I just made some a couple of minutes ago!!!
  12. I think they have a lot of niacin....I try to eat them every day. I love them especially in my eggwhite omelettes. Yummo!:nuts:
  13. i loooove mushrooms!

    have you girls heard of the website (world's healthiest foods)? they have a list of healthy foods (although i don't think everything is on there) and some descriptions of each kind. here is the one for the shiitake mushroom:

    shiitake mushroom

    and here is the one for crimini mushrooms:

    crimini mushrooms

    they also have nice recipes :smile:
  14. Ahhh whiteflowers, thank you! lol I ran across that site weeks ago and have been searching for it again ever since!
  15. i love mushrooms too, there my fav vegetable...anybody know any good recipes?