Museum of Handbags and Purses

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  1. My excuses if this has already been posted...but seeing as I live in The Netherlands, and finally went to this museum - I wanted to make a plug for the Handbag Museum (Tassenmuseum) here near Amsterdam. Evidently this is one of only 3 such museums in the world - the other two being in Australia and Japan.

    The owners of this museum have collected over 3,000 bags dating back to the 16th century to now. They also have a large selection of very interesting bags by Dutch designers on sale at the museum - which is actually half of the house of the owners.

    I am in no way connected with the Museum. But if anyone is planning a trip to Amsterdam and loves handbags - I highly recommend it! My friend Meg (another handbag fan) and I went last week and it was really amazing.

    More info at:
  2. Tank you for the tip:idea:. I will certainly try to go there next time I visit Amsterdam.
  3. Thanks for the tip! And welcome to the forum ;)
  4. Too cool!
  5. nice thanks and welcome
  6. I do wish they would do something like this near where I live. But there are practically no museums in Orange County - just malls and multiplexes.
  7. I just read your email. I design handbags and will have a handbag party (tupeprware party for beautiful bags) next Wednesday 12 December from 4 to 9 pm in the center of Amsterdam.

    Should you be interested to go (may be take a friend), please contact me for the details.

  8. OOO just another reason to visit Amsterdam!! :yes:
  9. That's pretty neat, I wonder what they sell in the gift shop hehe :P
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