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    Despite its collection of 3,500 handbags, top left, Hendrikje, the 10-year-old Museum of Bags and Purses, has suffered from an inferiority complex, perhaps because it was based in an Amsterdam suburb that also features the Piggy Bank Museum and the Museum of Wooden Shoes. But in May, it will reopen in the center of Amsterdam. ‘We’ll feel so much more confident to say that we’re actually the best and biggest bags museum in the world,’ says Sigrid Ivo, its director and curator. Ivo’s mother, Hendrikje, began buying vintage bags some 30 years ago, starting with a 19th-century leather-and-tortoiseshell number. A menagerie of accessories followed, including an armadillo shoulder bag, a leopard-head tote and the bejeweled clutch that Judith Leiber named after the Clintons’ cat, Socks. The inevitable Vuitton monogram and Fendi Baguette are on display, but overall this baggage is about excess. ‘Last week I bought this handbag in the shape of a train,’ Ivo says. ‘What a wicked idea!
  2. Never knew a bag museum existed--thanks, maxter! There's a shoe museum in Toronto.
  3. Shoes? Shoes? OMG - I'm a shoegal first and foremost! Where in Toronto? We were there a few years ago. If I had known there was a shoe museum I would have made it a must see!
  4. Interesting website - thanks, maxter.
  5. If you stay at the Sheraton (I think it's that one) in Atlantic city..They have all the shoes/evening gowns of former Miss Americas....That is where the pageant used to be held....It's amazing..Every floor....every bar....everywhere you turn...I was going all over the hotel just searching for the displays...mind bending..some of the detail just jaw dropping..
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  8. It's on's called the Bata Shoe Museum...they showed it on the Amazing Race once..they had to do a road block I believe

    The Bata Shoe Museum - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  9. eeyore--that's the one! How appropriate it's on "the" shopping street in Toronto. I remember that Amazing Race episode. Don't exactly recall what they had to do there.
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    That looks so cool I signed up for their email notice.:yes:
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  12. I think this is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing the site.
  13. i love it, i'm dutch i didn't think that my heritage went as far as to collect purses, this is great!
  14. What a great link! I will be buried in it for a while!

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