Musette Tango

  1. Does anyone have this bag? Can you tell me how useful it is, how much can fit into it and if it's spacious? I am looking for a bag that I can wear as a messenger and really like the way the musette tango looks but questioning if I can fit much in it. If anyone can post pics, that'd be great.

  2. I did a search and found a few threads on this, sorry about posting before searching! :shame:
  3. I have the mono Musette Tango with the short strap. Have had it for probably about 5 years now and don't wear it as much as before. I use it more for an evening bag since it doesn't hold too much. I can carry my wallet, ipod, cell phone and some make up in it. I think the bag is very comfortable to carry and can be dressy or casual. I think the Salsa carries more and actually looks pretty nice worn messenger style.
  4. I don't thing it holds that much, but I still want it!