musette salsa...

  1. I think that is what it is called...anyone own it?? what are your thoughts on it...think the short strap one is super cute...does it hold much???also there is something similar in daimer:shrugs:
  2. I think a few PFers own it. Saw a few in their collection thread. I remember Sandra (yeux) has the mono in long strap. I personally prefer the long strap to the short strap. The damier is gorgeous too! :yes:
  3. It's very thin and doesn't hold too much without looking "stuffed". It's very nice though.
  4. Oh, show pics... I will look on visual aids thread, I can't picture this bag... will look on elux too!
  5. I found it. I personally think it's a very simple, pared down casual look. I like it. It would go with anything...
  6. I had the regular musette but sold it because it was way to big for my short frame. I loved it...just didn't look right on me. You can stuff alot in there..but like the other poster shows when you are carring it

    You can find the musette in the damier..not sure about the musette salsa though (its smaller than the regular musette). Here's a link to a musette damier listed on ebay

    eBay: AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton MUSETTE DAMIER Shoulder Bag (item 180049291169 end time Nov-16-06 11:52:41 PST)
  7. That's a great link and fabulous bag!

  8. Thank you never enough...thanks everyone...I am trying to help a friend find a shoulder bag not too $$$....I have enough bags now:yahoo: ..
  9. I have this bag and it's so convenient. I love that the flap has a magnetic closure, so it's easy to open and close without fumbling with buckles and zippers.
  10. i have this bag and i love it. i can fit my wallet, cell phone, makeup, keys and even my pencil case in it. and it doesn't look stuffed
  11. i like the longer strap how japanese girls like to wear it across their shoulders like a messenger bag :smile:
  12. I saw it IRL and it's a really nice bag. I personally think it'd look better worn across the body as opposed to on one shoulder...makes a nice messenger bag!
  13. i remember we once called it the "asian style" :sweatdrop:

  14. i had this bag, it's nice if you don't need to take much with you
  15. I want a perfo mussette soo badly.