Musette Salsa/Tango Damier

  1. Does anybody have one of them? Are they practical - easy to get in and out of? And which is better - Salsa or Tango? They both cost the same but have different measurements...sorry I would use the search but it's still disabled :shrugs:
  2. I've heard people who have the Musette say it drives them nuts because the flap is SO big (the entire size of the bag, which is quite tall). It's a very large flap to open - think like 9 inches to lift. I like the Tango better. It's a cute bag, especially with the long strap cross-body for shopping.
  3. It's a shame there are not more crossbody bags to choose from in Damier...:/ Most are handheld or really big...
  4. yup, im looking for a cross body bag in Damier.....
  5. def. TANGO!!!!!!!!!!

    i have damier tango.......LOVE it!!!:heart::smile:
    img1010513595.jpg img1010513596.jpg louisvuitton-n51300-4.jpg
  6. I used to have the Tango (short strap) in Mono and Damier. The large flap started to bother me. Plus, I eventually outgrew them and they could no longer hold all my things. I ended up selling both of them.
  7. I love the tango so much that I have 2 of them in the monogram. I like it because it's a good size and easy to get in / out and the flap is big enough that if someone tries to dip their hands into it you would know. The tango is definitely my first and favourite! I was told that this bag has been discontinued either last year or the year before.
  8. hm, discontinued? at least it's still on the homepage...I hope it's still available!
  9. I have the salsa in mono It doesn't fit that much and can be a little annoying I wear big rings they catch when trying to get in and out of the bag plus you always end up with your hand in th pocket rather than the bag.

    But saying all that I still love it it's a nice handfree bag for a lightweight day when you don't need much
  10. That is what I was told by my LV store but they some stores may still have them available for sale but once it's gone production has stopped. You should call the 1 866 vuitton to confirm or maybe can help you locate one. I highly recommend the tango!
  11. My mom has the tango and it's a nice size. She loves it! Very easy to get in and out of....also easy to organize your items.
  12. I'm also looking at the salsa and tango damier and prefer the tango. I hope it's still available.
  13. I got the Damier Salsa, as it's bigger than the Tango. You can't fit huge amounts in, but I initially got it as a travel hands free bag, but I've ended up using it as my daily work bag.

    I just love it, suits me down to the ground!!

  14. I prefer mussete salsa...
  15. I have the musette salsa with long strap in damier and I love it! it's a great crossbody bag, go with everything. so easy to get in and out of it!