musette salsa or croissant pm??

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  1. I'm planning on buying my first LV in the next month or so, and I have it narrowed down to these two. I know alot of people say the speedy should be one's first LV but honestly, even the 25 is a bit too big for me. I like my bags smaller cause' I honestly don't carry alot in them. And I'm pretty short (5'2 1/2 ish") So I thought these two would accomodate me best. Which one would you guys recommend as the most practical?? I'm leaning toward the croissant more mainly becuase I'm a bit worried that the musette's strap would be too long (I don't care for long straps on any bag).
  2. The croissant pm is a great choice. I agree with the strap being long on the Musette. Let us know what you decide
  3. maybe the croissant suits u better... :smile:
  4. croissant :smile:
  5. croissant! such a cute bag!

    if the strap bothers you ..what about the short strap musette salsa? i have the short strap tango and its one of my most versatile and used bags!
  6. croissant!
  7. Croissant PM sounds like a good choice for you. :yes: It was the first LV bag I wanted, but I somehow got distracted and never bought it. lol.
  8. Salsa, no affense to anybody here but I have just begun to hate the croissant.
  9. Definitely the croissant! I bought mine in France and I love it. It's the perfect size and I'm 5'1''. Good luck with your decision!