Musette Perfo..Does Anyone Own it?

  1. Hey ... im wanting a new LV bag already after just getting one earlier this month (doesnt include the ones i got from other brands):angel:. Im thinking the Perfo Musette in green. Does anyone here have it already? Or something similar? Please post pics so I can see what it looks like on. Thanks a bunch!:yes:

  2. Ooh I love this bag in any color!!! I love the thicker shoulder strap and the unique shape. The little lock on the outside is cute too.
  3. I got it for my mom for Mother's no pics of it on lol. I might be able to find one but I'm not sure.
    Anyway here it is before I gave it to her:
  4. I like it in pink and orange..I think the green color is a tad loud IRL...
  5. I own the fuscha pochette and plate, I almost bought the orange demi-lune, but I decided to save my points(with hubby) for the fringe. They are fun for summer:biggrin:, but remember you can see through them!
  6. I have the green pochette and I love it. The green is my favorite color of the 3. The orange is too reddish for me and I don't like any shade of pink.

  7. OHHH the Demi Lune... thats fancy but Ive never seen it anywhere except for in the look book. Do you remember how much it was? Ha ha I think the see thru-ness moderates me and says BE CLEAN IN YOUR PURSE !!!!:lol:

    LV b Doll.. Girl!!! Im telling ya between you and your mom what bag dont you two have?? Thats super coolio!:rochard::rochard:OH yea congrats by the way on your new bag. Didnt you mention you were in SD? Do you go to Fashion Valley to get your bags?
  8. Lol thanks! I go to the Fashion Valley store ALL the time. Between that and the boutique in Neiman, they know my mom and I VERY well haha. I think they're even starting to recognize my dad more.
    But yeah..look out when the new Damier Speedy launches and the Miroir line too...I can't wait!
  9. Yay for SD!!! I go and visit here and there. I HATE the Horton Plaza one.. i feel like im walkin on egg shells or something in there. STUFFY!!!! Ya Hey if you have any updates on the Miroir let me know cause im on the list for the pap.. but i dunno.. might get the speedy. Thanks !!! im always soo wishy washy when I cant touch in and see in IRL.

  10. You have such a great collection! I love the musette:heart: