Musette, is this a good bag?

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  1. Hello everyone, I am thinking of buying the Musette. However, it is quite expensive US$820. Is this bag big enough to put a lot of things?

    Can I get some suggections? Thanks a lot.
  2. It depends on what you mean by 'a lot of things'. I bought one for my mum, and she's happy about it. She puts the regular stuff in it, walet, keys, agenda,...
    It's quite spacious, but of course not like a speedy. I find it's a bit restricted, in that way, if you put to much 'irregular formed' things in, it shows.
    But as a regular hadbag, I would say, go for it!

    Are you going to get the damier or the mono?
  3. I have the musette tango and it is my most practical, useful bag imo. I wish I got it in the longer strap though. Its a great bag! Go for it!
  4. love my musette. great for those days when you just odn't want the hassel of holding a bag... and still looks so good!

    i used it as a diaper bag..... with ziploc bags of course.
  5. I used my speedy 25 for that lol
  6. I just bought a musette last week and am in LOVE with it. i love the fact that you can sling it across your body and forget about it.

    Every other Louis Vuitton that I own is a top handle bag (Sac Plat, Exentri-Cite, Multicolor Speedy). I love them all but they can be quite restricitve when shopping. :amazed: I always end up asking my boyfriend to hold it while I "look" at something.

    I was in the mall today with my musette hands free, but still looking very fly with my bag. :biggrin:

    I think this is my new favorite. True that you can over stuff it but i have packed a LOT of stuff in it and mine still lays flat.

    I think that I am going to start buying shoulder LV bags from now on. VERY liberating. :love:

    In short the musette is a GREAT bag and you MUST get it. Get it get it get it.
  7. I have the musette salsa and love it. It is wonderful to have a hands-free bag. It's perfect for travel. Mine is smaller than what you're considering, and I can still fit a compact wallet, cell phone, powder compact, comb, and a few lipsticks. But, as Lia said, you don't want to stuff it too full or it will be shaped oddly. I'm sure there's quite a bit more room in the larger model, though. I say go for it!
  8. Thanks for the reply.

    I am thinking of buying Musette or just the Gucci messenger bag. I will not put a lot of things in it, so I think it is fine.

    Any comparison for Musette and Gucci messenger bag?

  9. I'd like a Musette as it does seem sleek and easy to carry. It's helpful to read what you guys have thought of it, which I why I love this forum:yes:
  10. i want to SO a musette in epi, you think i can?

    ummm it is a VERY practical bag
  11. I have the Musette Tango as well and love it.
    It doesn't hold much though but it'd hold the essentials: wallet, phone, and some makeup. I wish I got the long strap as well.

    I think the Musette is a great bag to have for those shopping days.
    It's huge though! I've seen them irl. If it was a bit wider I would have used it for school.
  12. It is a great bag for taller girls.
  13. I've always entertained the idea of getting that bag as well.

    and BTW ^^^ JoJoLVLover, I always fantasize about jumping into the middle of all your bags in your signature and just rolling around!
  14. i have the Mono Musette Salsa and it's a great bag :yes:. i can fit my wallet, makeup, keys, cell phone and even pencil case in it if i arrage it all properly :biggrin:
  15. Hi!! I am 21 and is considering purchasing my first big LV item this summer!!! I also considering the Damnier big musette cause I usually carry many things when I go out, cause I like to be prepared. I have tried on the bag before, and becuase I am 5'2 it looks alittle big on me, but I think I won't reget getting a bag with more space to put things in. It is selling for near $1000 Canadian, therefore I am actually quite nervous about getting it, cause I have saved up for a few months and don't want my money to go to waste. Does anyone else have any thoughts about this bag?? I really appreciate all reading all your comments and discussion.