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  1. What's the "image" of MJ and MBMJ bags, or the ladies who carry them?

    I'm about to buy my first one. ;)

  2. What a weird question to ask…! :thinking:

    I would say a MJ lady is someone who loves quality, style and is fun to be with. Fashion should be interesting yet practical, and not taken too seriously.

    I guess you can also take a look at the celebs that are MJ addicts or friends.
    Sofia Coppola, Winona Ryder, Leighton Meester… the list is LONG
  3. ^i love Leighton :heart:

  4. this is an interesting question. i like it.

    in interviews, marc jacobs has frequently described the woman he designs for as shy, a bit awkward, quirky, cool, not overtly sexy, has a love for vintage. more or less, the girl who'd get caught smoking cigarettes in the bathroom stall of her high school, or the "outsider insider." one season, he cited violet from the incredibles as his inspiration. his aesthetic is typically downtown, but it's been more polished of late ever since his makeover.

    that being said, i don't think i really fit into the typical mj girl mold, but much of what he's designed has found a niche in my overall style. it's really what you make of it and how you wear it. you should define the clothes you wear and the accessories that adorn you. the label should never define you, kwim?
  5. I'm not sure about cool or sexy, but those three sure sound pretty accurate for myself. :P Ironically enough, people used to call me Violet in high school, hahaa. That's really interesting, tad -- I'd never heard that quote before.

    You're absolutely right, though. The clothes and the accessories fit into your style, rather than the other way around.
  6. great discussion topic for a thread! when i think MJ, i do think vintage-quirky-indi type of gal...someone who's not into the status logo bags for their sake, but more into quality and style that reflects stuff from decades past....a gal in a constant state of fluctuation, based on some story behind her style, and not following a direct trend.

    one thing i love about MJ is he uses a decade or some sort of point of inspiration for his collections, which make them far reaching. They all end up reminding us of something because we're familiar with the reference, but also no two customers have the same personal attribute to the inspiration and so the way they translate it makes it their own.
  7. Of all the designers that are out there, MJ's style "fits" me to a t.
    His description of designing for a "shy, a bit awkward, quirky, cool, not overtly sexy, has a love for vintage" describes me in every category (although I have to admit I never ever felt "cool") I always thought of myself as an outsider looking in and I guess that in itself can make one "cool".
  8. I have found that MJ Collection bags can be uniquely "me" when little else fits the bill. I'm far from the young, clubbing/socialite/celebrity girl. I do think his bags are young and hip without being trendy, and I feel like they'll work forever even for old ladies like me. :P I gravitate toward his clean lines and classic taste that I know I will pass on to my daughters one day. (Once they are old enough to know NEVER to put a pen or a lipstick loose inside their handbag. Egad.)

    I don't want a bag that screams LOGO! all over it. Nor do I want one that everyone else in the five-county area is wearing, 50% of which are fake... (I'm talking to you, Coach.)

    Simply put, I like knowing my bag is far superior while not having to flaunt it. If someone notices my bag (people often do, but few in my city in Alabama know anything about MJ), but if someone does notice and knows I'm carrying a Marc Jacobs bag, it's like a little inside secret that we can both share for a brief moment.
  9. That is such a great question. When I think of Marc Jacobs, I think of outcast I guess. Its like no other, something that is different and doesnt fit in with the rest I guess or doesnt want to fit in. Unique.

    I think each woman has her own "image" of Marc Jacobs.
  10. Many of his bags really are classic, but with just enough of an edge to keep (me) interested. There is so much range and imagination to his bags, that I'd be hard pressed to describe any one type of person who would buy them. You can always expect the unexpected - - That's what I like!!!