MUSE Yves Saint Laurent

  1. i can't stop thinking about the patent oversize muse bag...i love the bag :heart: and everyone who has it just raves about it... i have never seen anyone with the patent bag though what are your going to order mine tomorrow...also is the oversize the same as the XL?

  2. I can't tell how shiny it is. Is it really glossy?
  3. if u click on the pic u can see but yes it is
  4. OMG we're here again .. i came to gain more knowledge about this beauty
  5. i posted another one i wasn't sure if the first one went thru since im new to this but i will surly post pics of my bag when i get it asap ...:drool: lol...
  6. xl is the oversize.....
    good luck on your purchase
  7. i love the patent muse! isit relatively cheaper than leather one?
  8. there actually is another size called xl ... it's larger than oversized and (i think) is only available in suede right now...
    and there's also a travel sized! in suede and buffalo
  9. I have to admit, the more I see the Muse the more I love it. Shiny patent leather? Beautiful....Now if i can just get my hands on one...
  10. I just saw one at Neiman's in Beverly Hills....

    Its soo cute!
    I am going back before between the patent and the leather...aah!!
    I just can't decide.
    Its adorable though!
  11. The patent muse is really awesome! But, patent will probably not look super stylish in 1-2 years, even though I think people will still be carrying Muses. So, if I were going to purchase it, I think I would be trying to decide if it was going to be an investment OR the bag I plan to carry THIS year. Good luck on your decision!