Muse with pony hair

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  1. Is there anything I should know about Muse with pony hair? Doesn't it wear well? I just bought one, and I'm so excited. If it has any shortage, please let me know. I can still return it to the store.

    Thank you very much.:s
  2. I saw the pony hair bag exclusive on ...I called the YSL boutique in Houston and the SA said the pony hair comes is gorgeous..I would just take good care of it and keep it!
  3. handbahrehab,

    How would the pony hair comes off:confused1: I just received it, and it is simply grogeous. It costs more, too.
  4. I got it from NM and returned it even though it was very very discounted. I ended up with the YSe instead. Pony hair is very winter where i could use my gold yse all year round.
  5. Denial,

    I'm struggling whether or not if I should return.
    I know I always take very good cares of my designer bags..
  6. I like the pony hair.
  7. I have this one and I love the color but I'm also worried about wear. It is the larger size and was on sale for around $1300. I have to decide this week if I want to keep it or not:

  8. theglamorous,

    Thank you.:smile:


    That is exactly what I have. But.. I think I have the "large" instead. Let me know what you decide. I still have two weeks to think.
  9. Which NM did you return it to??? thanks and which color ??
  10. How could you return it??? Its drool inspiring for sure! Best of luck with you decision but it is simply a lovely bag.:drool:
  11. Hi Maxster - Do you know if this Muse came in a grey/black color?