Muse wallet

  1. My SA told me that there is a muse wallet available and I wondered if anyone has seen it/ owns it?
  2. Rose, I have only seen them in pics but my SA said that they are about the size of you open hand. They are very cute.... they look 'like a Muse' (but square)! There is a white one on Click on News & Trends and then 'Accessories Report' and then 'Paris' and YSL and click thru the slideshow.
  3. hi rose,
    i know this reply is long due...
    just want to let you know that i almost bought the muse wallet in black yesterday!
    but the zipper on the inside for the change compartment is totally malfunctional..
    and if the threat work is bound to unravel with time, it is definitely NOT worth it!
    it retails at 395 euros here in berlin.
    good luck on your wallet hunt!
  4. Thanks!! I think I'll stick to Chanel.
  5. Rose
    The Muse wallets are available on Bluefly now if you want to take a look
  6. Are they authentic on Bluefly, do you think?
  7. i saw a white one in YSL HK and it's so cute! looks like a tiny square muse bag :smile: i didnt really pay attention to the wallet though... what caught my eye was the Muse cellphone strap!
  8. does anyone know the retail price of this wallet?