"Muse Two" is renamed for fall, fyi

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  1. Thanks Cosmopolitan! Your styledrops link is where I first saw the bag on Saturday. I really like the darker brown color. I just hope that is the color they send. I appears that there is a lighter brown/tan color that only has the alligator print on the body of the bag, not the flap. I really want the darker one with the all over print.
  2. does this name change entail that the bag will "forever" be a part of the ysl repertoire?
  3. I like the name Forever for this gorgeous bag. I think it's going to be classic.
  4. That is a beautiful shade of brown. I think that's the best shade I've seen on that style.
  5. Well the 'Forever' bag came today. I think it is going back to Saks! It is really nice leather but I think it is too hard to get in and out of. Also the bottom is hard and structured, which I don't like in a shoulder bag.
  6. Sorry it didn't work out for you. Was it the same fall 08 Forever bag that I posted at the top of this thread? I'm surprised Saks already had it in stock.

    You should post some pics before you return it. I'm also kind of suspicious about whether I could deal with getting in and out of this one...

  7. It is the same one as in the photo. It is really difficult to maneuver. I thought since it has a back pocket it might work but it just is too hard to work the front hook and is maybe too boxy for me. I already packed it up. I have 4 downtowns(downsized the the red patent) and was trying to get something different, but this bag will really not work for me. I may order the lighter brown croc print downtown from BF, or I might wait until I get to NYC to purchase something.
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