"Muse Two" is renamed for fall, fyi

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  1. My YSL boutique SA told me this last week and I kept forgetting to mention it... Remember when the "Muse Two" bag first came out, it was also called the "Forever" bag in some places? Well, YSL has decided to drop the Muse Two name entirely for fall and permanently call it the Forever bag.

    (Makes sense to me, since the bag, while lovely, bears no resemblance to the Muse whatsoever! :nogood:)


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  2. Thanks for the news! I thought it was silly to call it the muse 2, when there are so many other great names it could have (and, right, it is a totally different bag!)
  3. agree that Muse 2 was a silly choice! but forever sounds a little silly to me too... :confused1:
  4. I just ordered (over the phone) what I think is this bag from Saks on Saturday. I asked for the brown alligator or crocodile print. Hopefully this is what it will be! I love that it has a classic shape but is still slouchy.
  5. I agree they're both a little silly, but calling it the Muse Two was also just weird since, as Cosmopolitan said, there is no resemblance between the two bags. I suppose there was some inspiration for it, but without knowing what it is, it just seems like an attempt to cash in on the Muse popularity.
  6. I bet we could think of a better name.
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    Last edited: Jun 10, 2008
    When I was talking with the YSL buyer (a French woman), I was telling her I find it confusing that YSL does this name-changing thing all the time. They often change the names of bags between runway/pre-production and actual retail, or even after the first season.

    For instance, did you know that the Downtown was originally called the "Peace & Love" bag? That's what it says on my receipt!

    Just thought of a couple more: the Overseas was also called the "Faubourg" and the "Seaside," and the Tribute was also called the "Metropolis."
  8. Congrats! Post pics when you get it! I got that pic above from styledrops, in case you want to see some more angles: http://www.styledrops.com/handbags-27823.html
  9. That's a bit nutty. I think it's bad business because it confuses the customer. Also, you don't rename babies when they turn 1, why would you do the same thing to a bag?

    *goes back to eating raspberry sorbet*
  10. *goes back to sucking down gin-n-tonic!*
  11. :drool:
  12. Interesting...did the buyer have anything to respond to your statement? I like the bag but not 100% sold on it quite yet.
  13. She nodded her head and chuckled; it was my sense that she agreed that the name-changing can be confusing.
  14. bha ha ha ha

    I am glad they've renamed it, I would not dare to buy "Peace & Love" bag no matter how much I'd liked it. :roflmfao:

    I can see why they are renaming it, and my question is who is giving the bags these initial silly names? I cannot believe Pilati would come up with something that peculiar.

  15. Wow, that bag is gorgeous!
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