Muse Ten Sales? What do you know about them?

  1. Hi Ladies! Anyone know anything about MUSE TEN? Do they have sales regularly? How much %? Thanks for your info. :jammin:
  2. Hi tropicalgal. This a fantastic store not too far from where I live. The owner is incredibly sweet and the quality of goods is excellent. The store has not been open very long so I don't know what kind of sales they are going to have.
  3. NWPurselover! You will be our eyes and ears about Muse Ten. They carry Belen Echandia -- which I want to buy on sale. Buying on sale is my modus operandi given that I have two kids about to head into college...! Can you keep us informed? I am on their email mailing list, so maybe I'll hear that way. Thanks!
  4. MuseTen is only a 5 minute drive from my house. It's a small but cute shop stocked with many fabulous bags. Not sure about the sales though...
  5. Bubbleloba -- do let me know when there is a sale...pretty please? :tender:
  6. Supposedly there are also Belen Eschandia sales too from the designer herself...