Muse Straps - Shoulder comfort?

  1. Do the muse straps/handles stay on your shoulder? Not being skinny like most of you gals, I have found double straps tend to fall off my shoulder. Single seems fine.

    I have a medium muse and am wondering if I should return it. Right now it is brand new but will the straps/handles soften with use? It is a little too big to be hand held.
  2. I know what you mean, I had that same problem with the Chloe Edith tote: One strap would always fall off my shoulder.

    I do not have that problem with my OS muse. Perhaps because the straps are a bit longer?:confused1:

    I imagine the straps/handles will soften with use, but mine is still a little stiff.
  3. wow ... I can't get the O/S Muse straps on my shoulders! I clearly need to lose weight!!