Muse Pricing went up???

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  1. Can someone help me out? Bluefly advertises that the retail price for an Oversize Grey Patent Leather Muse is $1595. I thought Oversize Patent Muse are $1295, and the Croc Patent Leather is $1595.

    Am I missing something or did the price on O/S Patent Muse just went up?
  2. I'm not sure but the price difference may be due to colour and number of actual bags they issue in those any of the YSL boutiques or send a query to their website to confirm.
  3. I think that online stores like BlueFly and Overstock increase retail prices to make their sale price look good.
  4. Agreed. Othertimes they have no idea of the retail price -- it can be really high or low (which is awesome).
  5. Yeah, I think I've seen them raise the price of an O/S or Large Muse (regular leather) and it was like $100 or so above retail. So going by those prices, you're not really saving all that much.

  6. I bought a o/s patent muse in black last month, from ysl boutique in hk for hkd9450 (about usd1260)...hope this helps...
  7. I'm pretty sure the price of muse have not gone up. My mom was at the YSL boutique at South Coast and told me the prices were the same from a year ago when I bought mine. $1195+tax for large.
  8. I'm looking at my receipt from this past spring and I got my o/s muse for $1395