muse owners' opinions needed!

  1. hi girls!
    i've been wanting the muse for the longest time! and i've always managed to persuade myself out of buying it somehow (eg, they just raised the price and it's about $600 more ex than my miu miu(at least at where i'm staying) and $300 more ex than my balenciaga)..and i've acquired a miu miu and a balenciaga in the mean time..(which means that i could have gotten a muse!!:noggin:)
    anw to cut the story short, recently i saw a couple of second hand muses at a second hand shop and i'm tempted!!! it's about $600+ below retail (around $1000 for the oversized muse and $900 for the med one)'s nicely broken in but what do you girls think about second hand muses? should i pay more and get from the stores so i could go back to them in case the stitch comes loose and all??
    from where i'm staying i don't think there's sale for muse bags unfortunately so do you think it's worth it to buy a secondhand muse??
    Thank you so much!!
  2. Call the ysl boutiques. They have their second markdown going on right now and there should be seasonal muses on sale.