MUSE owners help! YSL Muse Key Photos..

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I was just wondering if one of you Muse owners can take a photo of the keys of the authentic MUSE? Are they special (like old-fashioned) keys or just a normal key (like the one Mulberry uses)??

    I know they came in 3s (the older ones) and 1 for the newers ones but did they ever come in 2s??

    Thanks so much!
  2. The ones that come in threes are like a regular key. the key that comes in a single is like an old-fashioned key. The lock opening on both will look slightly different. I have never seen a Muse with 2 keys, but I don't want to say authoritatively that there's no such thing because I really don't know that for sure.
  3. i haven't seen a muse with 2 keys either. here are pics of the recent single key. the ysl logo is on the top of the key - the images are a little blurry.
    IMG_7056.jpg IMG_7057.jpg IMG_7058.jpg

  4. My key is exactly the same
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  6. I have an Oversized Muse with three keys. When I purchased it (it was purchased from a reputable seller), I didn't know too much about Muses, and thought that perhaps I purchased a fake. I had only seen the "old-fashioned" key on more recent Muses in stores.

    However, I had it authenticated by two YSL stores (DC and NYC) and they confirmed that it was an earlier model of the Muse. I don't think I've seen Muses with two keys.

    Good luck!